CONTROL-STOM 2018 - Awards and prizes




  • Amest DHM s.r.o. Prague for Amest DHM system for dynamic measurement of bearing  elements
  • Oberon 3D L.Pietrzak i and Partners General Partnership  Tychy, Poland for the optical NDI ROBOT Scan Track



  • Taylor Hobson Limited, Leicester, UK for Intra Contour - a portable instrument capable of measuring roughness and contour in a single trace.
  • Technical and Trading Bureau Testing LLC., Katowice, Poland for WIKI-SCAN
  • Innovatest Poland LLC., Wiry, Polska for Nemesis 9100 - universal hardness tester,
  • PHU FAKTOR - Piotr Pachczyński, Chodzież, Poland for the Digital Transmeter by FEINMESS Suhl,


Distincitions for elegance and innovative exhibition presentation style:

  • Hexagon Metrology LLC  -Kraków (F-8)
  • Keyence International Belgium NV / SA - Mechelen,  Belgium (F-4) 
  • Zoller Poland LLC  Poznań (F-3)


MEDALS for original, innovative and comprehensive expo presentation: 

  • Carl Zeiss LLC  - Warsaw (F18)