4th Conference and Exhibition for Private Label Producers FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS

future private labels 2017's Future Private Labels - a sound dose of practical knowledge on how to manage the private labels future. 

Over 48 billion PLN - this is Poland's private labels market value  estimated by experts brought together for the 4th Future Private Labels Exhibition and Conference in Targi Kielce. 2017's event edition was a comprehensive presentation for the whole private labels sector; product manufacturers, through packaging and promotion strategies. 70 exhibitors from 7 countries: Poland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary marked their presence. The two-day event  attracted 800 business-insiders and professionals.

The exhibitors list included private label producers;  companies which offer a wide assortment of food-products and beverages as well as lyophilized fruit assortment. It was also the showcase for manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals , hygienic articles and OTC medicines, animal feed and many other products. Targi Kielce also hosted organic food producers associated in the "Polish Ecology" Association. Many companies offered new packaging design and production solutions. FPL 2017inTargi Kielce was partnered by, inter alia the "Piotr i Paweł" supermarket retail chain.

future private labels The first day of the expo was held under the banner of Future Private Labels Conference  chaired by Andrzej Wojciechowicz, a well-known market expert representing the FMCG Consulting. Much attention was also devoted to market forecasts until 2020, the topic which grabs everybody's attention. Detailed studies were presented, by the PMR agency, which follows the previous editions' example. Magdalena Szot, a retail market analyst talked about optimistic forecasts and blueprints for the private label labels sector. According to the forecasts for the coming years,  the market dynamics in comparison with Poland's real consumption and GDP is even above Poland's GDP. Private labels,  as a product category has already gained a high visible. Private labels will only strengthen their position over the next 3 years and will further improve quality and expand product range in order to meet the customers' expectations.

The research also shows that the stores Poles most often shopped in the first quarter of 2017 have been Biedronka, Lidl and local neighbourhood grocery store. It turns out that the factors that still favour private labels in Poland are Poles' purchase habits such as: willingness to buy, shopping near home or work place, increasingly importance of products  quality, smart-shopping.

future private labels The bio and eco trends in the private label market.

The progressing premiumisation in the private label sector and the leading bio and vege-trend were discussed by Karolina Liberka from Feno. This is partially owed to the changing lifestyle and the fact that we pay more and more attention to what we eat and whether we live a healthy life. We check up product labels, we want to protect our children and nature. Poles are willing to share news and their personal opinions on healthy food products in social media; this includes private labels produce and products.

The conference also discussed private labels competitiveness juxtaposed with well-known brands. Much attention was devoted to the unique competitive advantages offered by products' properties such as bio, eco, regional recipes based. The eco-trend in products, enhanced with exceptional tastes, regional traditions has already become a common-place thing in Western countries. This will also be a dominant direction for the private labels market for the coming years. The consumer fashions versus their actual needs were discussed at the Future Private Labels Conference by Edyta Dembińska, the Head of Private Label Department in "Piotr i Paweł" retail chain. The emergence of niche categories in  retail chains  offered the context for the discussions.

future private labels The lecture great interest focussed on "Private Labels or Private Brands" generated an avid interest; the essence of branding was in the presentation heart. The lecturer proved that private labels are not only confined to price, they do not have to be copy-cats. Strong private label products which engaged in effective competition with well-known brands serve as the best proof. Today's strategy necessary to build private labels future was also extensively discussed.

The Good Practices Forum within the scope of Kielce the Future Private Labels

For many years Targi Kielce's Private Labels Manufacturers Expo  has attracted companies and visitors interested in modern compelling packaging for the private label sector. Therefore, packaging workshops have already become a permanent point on the  Future Private Labels agenda. This year has seen a positive format evolution today's shape is the Good Practices Forum. The Good Practices Forum is the project realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and organised by the Association of Applied Graphic Designers. The partnered by the Institute of Design Kielce.

future private lables The project of the two-day forum has been to disseminate good practices in company image, packaging and branding strategies. Much was said about significance of high-quality products promotion, image boosting, demand driving. The Good Practices Forum advisory-services expo stand  with the experts team was here to helped entrepreneurs and answer their questions, that was the place to learn how to implement image changes and diagnose the company / packaging, products' current situation. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to join the cooperation platform and make use of the good practices guide. Among the Good Practices Forum experts and speakers there were: Dawid Korzekwa - a graphic designer and professor at the Graphic Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and the President of STGU Graphic Designers Association Board; Wojciech Mierowski  who deals with branding and brand design. One of the experts was the creative director and co-owner of Brandy Design - Maciej Konopka, who mainly deals with brands image and products creation. Also interested in exhibition graphics and packaging design. Other speaker at the Forum  - Jakub Śwircz from Brandy Design who cooperates with such companies as: Canon Polska, Epson Polska and Jacek Sadowski - the founder, owner and president of DEMO Effective Launching. He has been involved in from-scratch launch-process for many products, including the food and general FMCG products.

"Best Private Labels Packaging" Laureates awarded at Targi Kielce

The Future Private Labels boasts an excellent tradition to organise the Best Private Labels Packaging Competition. The contest is organized under the auspices of "Packaging Polska" magazine; 2017's  competition really spread the wings with as many as 100 product registrations. FLP in Targi Kielce saw the resolutions  in the five categories and the visitors accolades. Winners' details - http://www.targikielce.pl/pl/aktualnosci,1,konkurs-best-private-labels-packaging-2017-rozstrzygniety,22069.chtm.