DUB IT INTER CARS TUNING FESTIVAL - this in June in targi Kielce

Spectacular automotive fiesta - the consecutive edition in Targi Kielce


Exciting drift-shows, hundreds of tuned cars from all corners of the world, different bands and models, motorcycle-stunts and luxurious cars - this is just a nut-shell presentation of what is to come at the upcoming DUB IT INTER CARS TUNING FESTIVAL!   We look forward to seeing you on 29 and 30 June. 

For many years this automotive-show has brought together thousands of thrill-seekers from parts of Poland as well as from abroad.  Following previous years' example, several hundreds od tuned-projects will be presented at the event.  Visitors will be offered the chance to admire both superbly fast sports cars as well as automotive ever-greens and old-timers.  DUB IT INTER CARS TUNING FESTIVAL - this is where visitors are in for unbelievable speeds, long slides and competitions where every centimetre counts. High adrenaline dose is a tradition here -  it is owed to the exciting drift shows that every year attract crowds of visitors.

The last year's edition of the event attracted 15,000 visitors to Targi Kielce. Holiday fund is marked with outstanding atmosphere. The event also included a special food-trucks zone. According to all indicators, the consecutive edition will be even better than all previous ones.

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