B2B Clothes and Textiles Expo

pokaz mody dziecięcej na targach fashion for kids 2018 The première textile industry expo - recapitulation

A great début culminates in success!

The beginning of the summer in Kielce was marked with fashion presentations.  Exhibitors and visitors from and abroad, new merchandise galore presented by producers, top brands for children which proudly showcased their collection, interesting meetings and compelling workshops - this is  a nutshell description of the première edition of the B2B Clothes and Textiles Expo Fashion For Kids. 

This exhibition was held on 28 and 29 June in Targi Kielce and brought together companies from 7 countries, inducing:  Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France and Turkey. The two-day event crafted around children's fashion was held in the largest Targi Kielce's Expo Hall - the E  Expo Pavilion. 

A professional catwalk was made especially for the new event. The catwalk was the stage for the little models to presented collections for upcoming seasons.  Nearly half a thousand industry visitors and business-insiders  from, inter alia Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Canada became familiar with producers' and distributors' offer.


ubranka dla dzieci na targach fashion for kids A global-scale fashion event 

The creators and organisers of the well-known Kids' Time expo enjoy a vast experience; therefore the new event on the Europe's map of child products and services business sector's meetings was bound for success.

- We are satisfied with the fact that we have participated in the B2B Clothes and Textiles Expo Fashion For Kids - says Ismail Hakki Kiraz from the Turkish Kimpeks Tekstil company.  - We came to the Kielce for the first time this year and participated in another event which focussed on toys and products for children. We have been very contented with our presence at both Fashion for Kids and Kids' Time.

The participants and exhibitors emphasized the international aspect of the Fashion for Kids. 

- Companies from all over Europe were represent at the exhibition. There were stands from Denmark next to ours. I also saw stands from Spain and Italy - comments Danijela Pantic, a representative of France's MiniMignon.


Little fashion models on the catwalk

The Fashion for Kids featured fashion shows as its main attraction.  Over sixty children age 3 to 10 years walked down the catwalk and professionally presented the latest trends. The fashion show was staged on both expo days.

fashion for kids 2018 - galeria 21 The Fashion for Kids' fashion shows were hugely interesting.  We had the chance to admire talented little models, which is not often a case at this type of exhibitions. The shows were organized very professionally.  In my opinion the show was the strongest point on the expo agenda - says Danijela Pantic, from MiniMignon.

 The brands boasted their latest collections for the autumn / winter 2018 and for the spring / summer 2019. The clothes  and garments presentation were complemented with footwear and accessories of all kinds: umbrellas, hair ornaments, jewellery, handbags and backpacks.


Fashion for Kids for education

The children's textile industry has been vibrantly developing. Russia at the same time has become a prospective target market. The expo agenda featured a meeting with Elena Pismenskaja . How to enter the children's clothing market in Russia,  marketing trends in the Eastern markets  were discussed in the course of the session.  In her presentation, Pismenskaja stressed the fact that the Fashion For Kids expo offers a great opportunity to gain get new business leads and expand knowledge about foreign markets.  Purchase planning for the needs of your company was discussed by  Agnieszka Socha, a specialist in small commercial companies management and logistics.
Dagmara Habiera was also present at the expo, for years Mrs. Habiera has been into training and consulting projects for Visual Merchandising. The Fashion for Kids offered the chance to attend Mrs. Habiera's lectures and workshops.   

- Sometimes it is worth giving up the idea of showing the entire stock and focus on the elements our client finds most important - Dagmara Habiera instructed the listeners. 


Strefa projektantów mody dziecięcej na fashion for kids Designers' Zones, the Influencers Zone 

A special offer has been crafted around designers, developers, stylists and influencers. The B2B Clothes and Textiles Expo Fashion For Kids organisers meet the textile industry's expectations and needs and therefore create the opportunity
to establish business contacts between exhibitors and designers.

-We can exchange experiences and see children's fashion in a new and fresh way. The expo offers a great opportunity to establish business relations. The Fashion for Kids exhibitors’ reactions and attitudes were very positive - emphasized Joanna Jończyk, a designer.

On the second day of the exhibition, over a dozen bloggers from all over Poland came to Kielce to see the première edition of the children's clothes expo and establish cooperation. The bloggers become familiar with the latest product offered by child products and services business sector and market best selling products.

Our work makes it possible for parents to learn more about companies and new products for their children - emphasized Weronika Banaś, karmicielka.pl blogger.