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The exhibition is dedicated to the HUMAN BEING and humanity.  With the use of truly expressive, black and white photographs taken in Israel, Palestine, Haiti and Srebrenica, the German artist Claudia Henzler shows different aspects of HUMANITY.  HUMANITY is on the one hand a reflection and remembrance of our painful and tragic history. On the other hand HUMANITY is the call for liberation of what is beautiful and good: the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of HUMAN BEINGS.

The exhibition features images which depict disaster areas and war-conflict zones. Sometimes seemingly trivial details of the images show charming moments and unique emotions.  The exhibition's message is the invitation for solidarity with other people, especially those who face much more difficult situations than ours.

Opening and meeting with the author after official opening of the SACROEXPO:

Venue: Targi Kielce, 1 Zakładowa St., Kielce
12 June 2017, time: 12.00
Official opening of the SACROEXPO: scene in front of Hall E, time: 10.00
Vernissage and meeting with the Author: Hall D, time: ca. 11.00



Claudia Henzler is a German photographer, based in Salzburg (Austria). She is renown for highlighting beauty, diversity and uniqueness – even in calamities and “Hot Spots” like Israel, Palestine, Kosovo, Srebrenica and Haiti.

Henzler sees photography and art as a medium to connect people of all backgrounds to foster mutual understanding and appreciation. 2012 she received the „St. Leopold Peace Award“ of Klosterneuburg (Austria) for her humanitarian commitment in art. As the founder of the “School of Awareness (Schule der Achtsamkeit)“ she focuses on awareness building via photography and art with creative means and methods. With her work she aims to rise awareness for the beauty and preciousness of life as well as for the responsibility that acompanies the human potential. Through exhibitions, workshops and artist talks she gives creative impulses in Austria and around the globe.

 “I strive to use photographic medium as a unifying force to broaden horizons, open communications,  and connect people of all kind, color, creed, and faith.”  Claudia Henzler

SACROEXPO proudly presents Claudia Henzler as the 2017 winner of the prestigious art medal „Per Artem ad Deum“. The medal is a sign of acknowledgement from the Vatican for Claudia Henzlers „insightful and creative perception of man’s beauty, diversity and uniqueness“ which helps promote the dialogue of cultures through art.


The Per Artem ad Deum Medal has been presented since 2005 during the International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO held in Targi Kielce. The Pontifical Council for Culture is the body which bestows this accolade, the Council was founded in 1982 upon the initiative of Pope John Paul II. Upon the Council establishment, the Holy Father emphasized that: "the dialogue of the Church with cultures of the contemporary world constitutes a significant area of activity, in which in the last years of the 20th century the future of the world has been shaped”.

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