Bartek Ostałowski may give you a ride at the Drift Taxi! A unique opportunity and an amazing experience. We look forward to seeing you today and tomorrow until 18.00 at Targi Kielce

Bartek Ostałowski, the world’s only drifter who drives a car with his feet
Bartek Ostałowski, the world’s only drifter who drives a car with his feet

At the age of 19, Bartek lost both hands in a motorcycle accident.  His enthusiasm and passion were the too to prove this is us who set ourselves the limits in life. Bartek became the only drifter in the world who steers a car with his feet. 

His skills were appreciated abroad, too. British Grand Tour presenters, a popular automotive Amazon program  invited Bartek to one of the episodes’ featured guests.  

When the referees took their seats, it was time the competition kick-off. A disabled gentleman, Bartek Ostałowski from Poland  was the first - the famous Richard Hammond announced the apperance of the driver from Poland.

The fact is that Bartek ... has a deficiency in the upper part of his body. When I say that, I mean the lack of hands he lost in the motorcycle accident. The Pole defeated his dysfunctions - he used his foot for driving, The arms were useful for changing gears.  Unfortunately for me, he is good at drifting -  Hammond continued.

Today the biggest and the loudest tuning event organized in Targi Kielce hosts Bartek Ostałowski.

Bartek and  Gosią Rdest - Life is a Race and Michał Ratajczyk (Daftracing) appeared on the main stage in E expo hall, where they talked about the automotive sports in different unveilings.  Bartek is also a part of the DRIFT TAXI project prepared by MTN Kielce. This may perhaps be the one and only opportunity have a ride with this exceptional driver!

We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce until Sunday, 30 June until 18.00!


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