The Cyclists-Friendly Commune competition results announced


According to the  Cyclist Friendly Commune  rules and regulations, there were 2 competition stages this year.  In the first, tourists who are into cycling were supposed to put forward municipal candidates which in their opinion deserve the certificate. There 95 proposals of 33 municipalities. The second stage required the registered municipalities to send materials and report in the form of a survey. These were to demonstrate the newly created bicycle infrastructure, rallies, events and promotional materials. 20 municipalities were selected after this round. 

The committee session was held on 29 August. The Jury Panel was composed of:

Marek Koba - the Chairman of the Cycling Tourism Committee, Chairman of the jury panel

Bernard Milewski - the Member of the Cycling Tourism Committee

Robert Karwowski - the Association of Polish Cities

Katarzyna Podhorodecka - the Ministry of Sport and Tourism representative

Ryszard Jończyk - Polish Tourist Organization

the following experts were present during the session:

Katarzyna Szyler - a specialist for programme initiatives 

Marcin Jaworski - a specialist for programme initiatives 


The Cyclist Friendly Commune Certificate were presented to:

Category up to 10,000 inhabitants:  the Town of Kalety

Category up to 20,000 inhabitants: no certificate granted

Category up to 40,000 inhabitants:  Czarny Dunajec Commune

Category up to 100,000 inhabitants:  the city of Leszno

Category up to 500,000 inhabitants:  The city of Koszalin


The jury panel awarded the Grand Prix additionally to regular accolades:  Leszno commune is the Grand Prix Laureate.

The Cyclists Tourists Award for the largest number of applications the communes have received:   Kalety commune

The award of the Cycling Tourism Committee is presented to:  Nowy Targ Commune 


The honorary patronage for the competition was granted by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization, the Association of Polish Cities, the Association of Polish Poviats

The media patronage: MonitorUrzę, Wspólnota, Bike Board, Power Tour.

The awards were handed out during  10th International Fair of Bicycle Industry KIELCE BIKE-EXPO. Congratulations to all winners - we encourage you to submit your applications at the competition.


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