For the first time in Poland A free test zone for two-wheelers - the IT Track powered by ExtraEnergy


The upcoming 9th International Fair of Bicycle Industry KIELCE BIKE-EXPO held from 13 to 15 September in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre features also a special test track powered by the ExtraEnergy organization. This Poland’s first solution of this type - so far we have had the chance see such facilities at the world’s largest bicycle industry events.   Every exhibitor will be able to use the track in order to provide their customers with the opportunity to test ride the company’s bikes. The track will also be available free of charge to the exhibition visitors. 

ExtraEnergy has carried out independent e-bike and pedelec tests since 1992.   Since then the organisation has established itself as the most influential information, user protection and promotional organisation for light electric vehicles (LEVs) worldwide.  The founders realised from the start that these vehicles need to be experienced first-hand.  Since 1997 the Test IT Track has been on the road,  and today has three units for the Test IT Show.  Other services on offer include presentations and exhibitions at trade and public shows, plus information distribution with the assistance of correspondents worldwide.  

Alongside our physical presence, provides a treasure-house of information online.  With support from the European Union and the IEA (International Energy Agency), in 2012 the Go Pedelec! The Handbook was published in German, English, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Chinese,  including much new information and best practice studies for electric-assist two-wheelers.  

As founding members of the EnergyBus and BATSO (Battery Safety Organisation) associations, ExtraEnergy is also active on both the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standards Committee, with a focus on mechanical standardisation, and on the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and so helps set safety and communication standards for LEVs worldwide.

You are most welcome to make use of the track at the Targi Kielce Bike-Expo - the facility is in the A EXPO hall.  



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