BIKE O'clock Show is the agenda highlight the crazy cycling cannot possibly miss!

In the picture - Damjan Siriška, a member of the Czech BIKE O'clock team
In the picture - Damjan Siriška, a member of the Czech BIKE O'clock team

This year's international Kielce Bike-Expo offers its visitors an exciting freestyle cycling shows which feature the world-class cyclists.  

BIKE O'clock is a Czech team that will appear and perform at Targi Kielce's Bike-ExpoVašek Kolář, Damjan Siriški (silver medallist of the Biketrial World Championships, European Biketrial Champion and four-time Czech national Freestyle MTB and Biketrial champion) and Ondra Šenk (second at the Biketrial World Championships, two-time Czech Biketrial champion) - European and global champions in Biketrial and Freestyle MTB.

BIKE O'clock team members are keen enthusiasts of bicycles.  Most often they use trial bikes to perform tricks but they do not limit their shows to two-wheelers of this type. Recently they have also been testing a novelty - i.e. e-bikes. Kielce Bike-Expo visitor can expect amazing freestyle bicycle trick sin a special configuration, great techniques fiesta and attractive show performances with the use of e-bikes.

All those who have mastered the basic techniques will be able to take part in workshops run by the Czechs. Interested in shows and riding lessons? Do you want to see unusual bicycles and learn about the differences between MTB and MTB-E? Do you dream to master e-bikes tricks? Targi Kielce; September 13-15 is the place for you to be.


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