The changes introduced in vocational education discussed at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre

Vocational education changes directions
Vocational education changes directions

On changes directions in industry-focused vocational education  discussed at the  Exhibition of Education Technology and Equipment - October 22-23 Targi Kielce. During his speech, the education Świętokrzyskie superintendent, Kazimierz Mądzik, talked about  the amended act of 22 November 2018.  - The educational laws, acts on the education system.

The main legal provisions are designed to improve the Polish education condition. The measures scope includes  constantly monitored needs of the labour marketschool offer adapting in order to respond market needs,   schools’ compulsory cooperation with employerspreparation for  business qualifications as a part of education process,  additional professional skills and student intern-ships with employers:  -  Today’s school graduate is said to change their workplace thirteen times on average, they will also change their professions.  Education must be ready for this - said Kazimierz Mądzik.

 Effectiveness of vocational training will also evolve.  The efficacy adaptation is verified  on compulsory participation in a professional examinations  and  students’ documents confirming professional qualifications, and among them  professional qualification certificate and professional diplomaApprentice exam will also become obligatory  - young employees pursuing vocational training at an employer who is a craftsman will have to be tested: - It will be necessary to equip education system with the latest techniques, not only those related to the curricula body, but also with the latest technical achievements. Thus students will be able to tackle problems related to modern companies’ business profile, industries and new technologies. They learn this skill at an early education stage. - said senator of the Republic of Poland, Krzysztof Słoń, one of congress speakers.

The Regional Chief Education Officer Kazimierz Mądzik has repeatedly emphasised that  changes in industry are necessary and beneficial for both students and employers. There are also the positive aspects -   increasing the minimum wage rates,  results of the vocational examination which become a part of the result of the Matura exam.  Additional professional qualifications may be obtained directly in the labuor market through  internship, grants for students  (internship period included in the employment period).  There are incentives for employers - they will be encouraged to pass on knowledge and teach young people. This will result in  increasing the co-financing of costs for education in the professions specified in the Ministry of National Education forecast,  tax exemption for donations offered to vocational education schools or inclusion in the tax deductible costs whenever students internships are supported by employers.

The ultimate result of the changes in vocational education is to   strengthen the potential of schools- schools will have a pool of hours to adapt to the needs of the local and regional labour market. Schools will also be open to adults’ continuing education needs.  An institution which provides vocational education may run a separate account to accumulate income from donations or services.

This year Exhibition of Education Technology and Equipment  continues for two days. Topics discussion panels also include robotics - the science of the future as well as the educators-teachers’ role in the new education system.  Stimulants and doping among athletes will also be addressed.


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