We look forward to seeing all pets lovers who want to consult eye-doctors at this year's International Pedigree Dog Exhibition held in Targi Kielce

Eye examinations offered on all three days of the Dog Show
Eye examinations offered on all three days of the Dog Show

Eye-tests offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 24-26.11.2017 during the whole International Pedigree Dog Exhibition staged in Targi Kielce.  Professor PhD. hab. Ireneusz Balicki MD Vet (EESVO, ESVO Diploma) will offer eye-examinations.  The examination includes comprehensive ophthalmic diagnostics with the possibility of issuing a certificate regarding hereditary eye diseases.  The price for a comprehensive ophthalmic examination during the Kielce Exhibition - 100 PLN, a test with a certificate - 120 PLN, in glaucoma-risk races, those that require gonioscopy - 150 PLN.

Mateusz Szadkowski Veterinary Physician (EESVO) will offer free-of-charge myopia and hypermetropia examination in dogs.  This is a computer test that takes 5-10 seconds and can be done in any conditions, e.g. when a dog is stanidng in its regular position.  The owner gets detailed information and the testresults print outs.

Ophthalmic examinations - appointments:

Veterinary Physician  Mateusz Szadkowski - telephone  503 003 113; e-mail

 Professor PhD. Hab  Ireneusz Balicki Vet. - telephone  603 066 376; e-mail

XII, XIII, XIV International Pedigree Dog Exhibition organized byKielce branch of the Polish Kennel Club  are staged in Targi Kielce simultaneously withthe 7th Domestic Animals Fair


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