The DOM and GARDEN Expos were also visited by Dominik Strzelec. The host of the "Fault" and "The Sooper-Dooper Garden" program, the ambassador of the Budmat brand has been a special guest at the Krismar expo stand. The star told Targi Kielce's visitors how to choose construction companies and what to pay special attention to

Dominik Strzelec  - the Usterka host
Dominik Strzelec - the Usterka host

Targi Kielce: Visitors to the DOM expo not only look for construction materials and interior design elements but also for specialist advice. What advice can an expert give to all those who look for professionals to finish their apartments?

Dominik Strzelec:The first and fundamental thing is consciousness.  What to do, how much money we want to spend and when we want the job to be done.  If we answer these three questions, that's the job.  A professional is available either now or in three months' time.  This is the first suggestion.  It is worth waiting for a professional - if he has lots to do, a lot of orders this is a good signal for us. He has a lot of orders and we can assume he has a lot of experience. The calendar full of appointments, recommendations given mouth to mouth - it's the best way to recognise a specialist.  If a professional can reach us in five minutes, the warning light should come on in our head.

Another criterion - how much. Remember that a good professionals know their value and they are in great demand.  Do not be surprised - they have trained for many years in a given profession, often at the cost of mistakes and money they had to pay.  Why?  An ethical and responsible professional will not take money for work that he has not done as it should be done.  Quality comes at a cost.

Third thing: cooperation with a specialist. Let us pay attention to how he talks with us, what language he uses, or inquires about the details of implementation. It is very important because the way they communicate really demonstrate what kind of persons they are.  Later when a specialist comes to our place it is the time to s check what their workshop looks like - what tools are used, how they prepare before.

Targi Kielce: What happens when something goes wrong - our professional is not up to the scratch.  How to point that out?

Dominik Strzelec:  We must know how a particular job should be done if we want to make any remarks.  We should have general knowledge regarding the work done.  We should first get acquainted with the technique of wall-tiling for example.  Check on the Internet what are work stages , how a specialist prepares each consecutive step.  If we know this, we will be able to observe the work progress.  If something goes wrong we have the opportunity to ask questions.  Often an accurate question asked at the right moment makes professionals confused.  They understand that the work must be done properly.

Before we meet a specialist, it is also worth preparing a note or a short contract which outlines the type of works , the date and at the price.  This safeguards us and the specialist.  If a specialist does not want to sign such a document, we are on the safe side. Even though we have been left without a the service provider, we know that the work has not been ruined.

Targi Kielce  - Thank you for the conversation.

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