Solaris is a Polish manufacturer of buses, trolleybuses and trams. The Targi Kielce’s Transexpo is the company’s showcase to present the new Solaris Urbino 12 LE lite hybrid

Solaris conference at Transexpo
Solaris conference at Transexpo

At Transexpo 2018, the Polish manufacturer shows its zero-emission vehicles - these have already covered 9 million kilometres which means the company’s extensive experience. The latest technological solutions for heating, cooling and steering have been designed at reduction of energy consumption.

Zbigniew Palenica - Vice President of the Solaris Bus & Coach Management Board has emphasized the importance of transport - We estimate that by 2025, one in two buses ordered will be electric ones, and in 2030 the sale of new buses with a diesel engine will be virtually impossible.

The introduction of electric drives to Solaris offer shows that the company keeps working on technical solutions designed to boost the bus performance.  Solaris Urbino 12 LE lite hybrid premieres at Transexpo - a lighter construction that ensures low emissions and costs reduction are its main advantages.  The bus is powered with two electric motors of the maximum 125 kW power each (110 kW net power), integrated with the drive axle.  The energy is stored in batteries of the total 240 kWh capacity.

The début-model was chosen by the city bus of the year in the "Bus of the Year 2017" competition.  The version presented at Targi Kielce can be charged with a fixed, external charger or on-board charger (of 34kW power) without the need for additional infrastructure. The presented bus offers 28 seats, 12 available from the low floor level.

Until now Solaris has supplied nearly 200 electric buses. Another 150 vehicles are in the making.  Electric Urbino buses have already covered 9 million kilometres in 14 different countries.



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