A new Catholic television in Poland - EWTN Polska, a part of the Eternal World Television Network commences. EWTN is the world’s largest Catholic television network available in over 150 countries

See and believe - 3xP on the Polish market
See and believe - 3xP on the Polish market

The station was founded by Mother Angelika Rizzo OCPA from the convent of the Poor Clares from the Perpetual Adoration nearly 40 years ago.  It was originally established in Irondale, Alabama, where there is approx. 4 percent of  Catholics. The beginnings of the station were pretty modest - mother Angelica  used to sit in front of the camera and answer viewers' questions. Today, the network broadcasts in 150 countries around the world. October 19 marks the official  commencement in the Polish market. The Wroclaw Vide et Crede foundation was initiative originator - the foundation co-organises  International Film Festival Niepokalanów in Wrocław and many other events.  The Polish EWTN section is run by Fr. Piotr Wiśniowski, the general director and Piotr Pietrus, the managing director

EWTN is primarily designed to disseminate gospel, it is apologetic and liturgical television. We will not advertise and engage in political life." says Piotr Pietrus, managing director in the interview with the

"The budget is a devil's invention, and we live by faith," said the founder of the network.  
EWTN does not have any advertising slots, and it does not use any government subsidies either.  It is maintained only with donations and follows the 3xP rule, i.e.  Pray for us - Promote us - help us.

The channel’s line-up includes films, documentaries and programs for children and young people. All of the materials have been designed to preach gospel and build foundations of faith. EWTN makes it possible to watch the holy mass broadcast from the chapel of St.  Maksymilian Kolbe in Niepokalanów. In the initial phase, the EWTN can be watched on the Internet. The station intends to cooperate with satellite and digital networks.

The EWTN Television and the Vide et Crede Foundation are the official media patrons of SACROEXPO 2019. We encourage you to visit their expo stand during the June exhibition.


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