Two teams will represent Poland during the Farming Simulator Championships held on 14 and 15 July in Germany. The first Polish Championship has just finished in Targi Kielce

The winners of the Farming Simulator competition
The winners of the Farming Simulator competition

Farmerek80 Team and Mafia Solec Team will be the onec to compete against other farmers during FarmCon in Germany. The Game On held in Targi Kielce was the competition arena for 36 teams with more than 100 people on board.

Where did you get the idea to hold such games?  - Few people know that Poland is one of the largest sales markets when it comes to game simulators. According to the latest Polish Gamers 2018's research, Poles opt for simulators most often.  Farming Simulator is ranked among the best three - underlines Michał Łowigus, one of the Championships organisers.  - We wanted to smuggle the e-sport spirit to into these  popular simulators and that's how the idea came into being - adds the Farminig Simulator representative.

The three-people teams had complete a lot of tasks ranging from ploughing the field through  straw gathering and balling.  The last part of the game was to use a forklift-equipped tractor to the stuff on a trailer.  The teams had 8 minutes to complete the tasks.  How did the teams do at Game On?  - The Farmerek80 Team won the contest - the task time was 4:41.   - comments Michał Łowigus. The next teams in the ranking was the Farmers with the 5:04 time and Agroteam Baćkowice who completed the task in 7:08.

Mafia Solec Team was hugely popular. They will go to Germany at organizers'  special invitation.  - We are glad to see so many teams in Kielce. What is more - they notched up quite good results - emphasizes the team leader Kacper Balcerzak. Mateusz Brąk adds that the Farming Simulator is not a typical game - We play Farming Simulator, but we have never thought it would be possible to join an offical competition. It's nice that the guys have done the job nicely and we will go to Germany together to represent Poland - he adds.


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