The upcoming 1st National Congress of Accounting Offices, held from 22 to 23 November 2018 includes FORMSOFT which present its offer. The company has simplified entrepreneurs’ and accountants’ work for 25 years


FORMSOFT is the distributor of the FORMAT brand software. The company’s business model embraces professional software designed for accounting,  targeted both at enterprises and accounting offices.

OKBR is the special occasion for the company to present exceptional offering crafted around   accounting offices, and this offer includes: 

  • SKP® - enterprises targeted software on the basis of  revenue and expenditure books  as well as  lump sum payment  for any number of companies serviced by an accounting firm.  The software has been recommended by the Polish Economic Society.
  • JPK Link® is the software that allows to verify and combine JPK_VAT and / or JPK_FA files from different locations and different ICT systems and cluster into a comprehensive format. . The combined JPK_VAT file is subjected to a formal check as it is electronically signed and sent to tax offices.  The software facilitates  accounting office  work which serves customers which issue a substantial number of  invoices  in their own sell-support system and create JPK files in it too. The office provides  VAT statement   services based on costs and sales in the company’s ledger. .
  • PIT OFFICE FORMAT - supports every type of income management of the offices’  clients. It gives an infinite opportunity range to settle all PIT declarations together with a complete attachments set and NIP forms. In addition, PIT Format enables extension to join additional modules, including mass and automatic e-Declaration delivery complemented with receipt reports. No taxpayers limit: natural persons or companies.  PIT Format is also recommended for companies, thus makes it possible to carry out tax settlement for any number of employees according to PIT-11, PIT-11A and PIT-8C obtained data.  It also applies for a large number of seasonal or foreign employees  settlements .


The Congress of Accounting Offices is held on November 22-23 at the Kielce Congress Centre.


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