HACKATHON is cut out for all digital innovations enthusiasts. From 15 to 16 June the Targi Kielce Congress Centre and the G Expo Hall are the home for the event


Young ICT specialists will reign supreme in Targi Kielce.  15 and 16 May is the weekend programming marathon aimed at finding creative solutions as a response to urban problems.    

What is HACATHON?   This initiative was very popular in already 2017 -  several persons teams composed of programmers, graphic designers, analysts are supported by experienced mentors. They try to find a creative solution to various urban problems and harness technologies for this purpose.  They work on data provided by the cities in which the event takes place.  The best applications and ideas are rewarded by the interdisciplinary Jury Panel.

Students as well as start-ups join in hackathons.  Cities and companies are are on a hunt out for technological talents. At the same time they use the event to gather creative and innovative ideas.  Applications created by the event participants can be used to collect data and then effectively process.  The organizers emphasize that form involves inhabitants - the purpose is improvement and development of the city as well as the promotion among young people.

Hackathon contributes to the implementation of the Kielce development idea as a sustainable smart city. This is within the Framework Strategy Kielce Smart City 2030+. It is estimated that  170 people take part in the event. They will be working nonstop for approximately  40 hours.

The Department of Management Systems and Information Services of the the Kielce City Hall is responsible for preparing the hackathon.  Direct organizational arrangements are made by the Office for Smart Sustainable Development Management.



Upcoming events

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