The International Funeral and Cemetery Fair sees the formal signing of the letter of intent regarding the Pilato cars servicing in Poland rendered by Garcarek. The signing ceremony is held on Saturday, 15 June in Targi Kielce


"Massimiliano Ronzat in an interview for  Funeral Quarterly   expressed his delight:  - Pilato, thanks to Mr. Skrzydlewski and the Polish Funeral Chamber Association  will sign  cooperation agreement with Garcarek, which will provide services for Pilato vehicles: Mercedes and Jaguar. The document will be formally signed at the  NECROEXPO.  Warranty and post-warranty period.  An entrepreneur facing a problem with their  hearse  will be offered a replacement vehicle.

The enthusiasm of the Poland’s Pilato SPA representative is justified.  The parties have already completed preliminary talks. At June’s  NECROEXPO, on Saturday, the letter of intent proper will be signed. This opens official and authorized cooperation.  Such a declaration is another, formal step to sign a proper contract.

- cooperation with Pilato is a great chance. We are closer to the funeral industry. We want to offer our service quality to the Pilato cars owners - this is what Jan and Andrzej Garcarek, the owners of the company say.

Benefits for Pilato users can not be overestimated -  shorter repair times as well as lower transport, insurance and repair costs.

Pilato PA is a family company founded in 1963, its business profile is special vehicles development.  The company’s mission - a variety of vehicles models design and production, the style sets them apart from other cars of this type, they are efficient and functional and feature a high degree of personalization. The result of Pilato's research and development commitment are vehicles with high aesthetics and supreme design - these have revolutionized the image of professional and dedicated   funeral parlours. 

The Garcarek brothers company is also a family business  which dates back to 1979, when Jan Garcarek left to work in the Mercedes services - he was a foreman.  In 1981 he returned to Poland and began to started his own business in Mączniki - his place of residence. Two years later  Jan and his brother Andrzej started working together.  They have been passionate about cars since early childhood.  In 1982, they were hired the first employee - the person is still in the company. In 1983, there were four employees,  in 1984 there even more. Today’s company’s headcount is nearly 200 people - Mercedes-Benz Auto Partner J. and A. Garcarek is directly supervised by the owners who are always on the ground and engage in work.  The company boasts 18 Dealer of the Year titles (for the department of cars, vans or lorries).

- We sell and service passenger cars, vans and trucks from Mercedes-Benz and we are the official AMG Performance Centre - it means that you can buy and service AMG cars with us - says Andrzej Garcarek.

His brother Jan adds:  - Our new body-shops and paint shop are one of the most modern and best equipped facilities of this type in Europe. It became operational in January this year. "

[Kwartalnik Funeralny, Funeral Quarterly 2019]


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