"Innovative Polish technological solutions designed to increase aircraft combat potential" - an important scientific seminar at the International Defence Industry Exhibition


The meeting was organized by the Air Force Institute of Technology, several speakers were invited  and among them   Hab.  Engineer Mirosław Kowalski - ITWL professor, colonel   Colonel Bogdan DZIEWULSKI, Deputy Head of the Inspectorate, Chief of Logistics at the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, Professor   Dr.  Hab.  Engineer Andrzej Żyluk from ITWL, Colonel Doctor Engineer  Rafał Bazyla from WITU, Roman Ignaszak Director of the Aviation Projects Office and Rafał Kisiel from WBCKT.

The main development areas for armed forces aviation were presented:
* providing operational support by higher-level services and aggregator repairs,
* aircraft engine services,
* modifications designing and implementation
* aviation equipment production and recertification capacity ,
* new solutions for NOSP.

Professor Andrzej Żyluk introduced participants to what the Air Force Institute of Technology does.  In addition to providing information about 11 scientific and research institutes, he also emphasized the fact that 26 professional soldiers and 579 civilian employees are also actively on board.  What the listeners might have also found interesting was that the staff are paid and directly report to the Institute and its authorities, not the Minister. What is more, Andrzej Żyluk mentioned the importance of training, otherwise army could not develop.

- Training systems are necessary and needed, these must be developed in accordance with the ever-evolving technologies and respond the up-to-date needs.  Currently, 4 training forms are implemented: NEW PZR simulators, augmented reality, procedural simulator and e-learning.

The Air Force Institute of Technology is a research institute supervised by the Minister of National Defence,  its mission is to provide support for all kinds of aviation technology in use.  The Institute's contribution towards Polish aviation development is based on reliability and broadly understood flight safety works.  ITWL research areas: ground and in-flight tests and research, diagnostic systems for aviation technology, operational control, simulation and modelling, avionics, armament aviation, reconnaissance systems, command and training, integration of C4ISR systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, composite structures, airport working areas diagnostics, fuel and liquid testing, product testing and certification.



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