The company AGRO Trade@Service from Kielce will present the KOKAN 500S harvester for soft fruit harvest based on technology which a complete novelty on a global scale


The BSK KOKAN 500S harvester is used for harvesting blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants. Thanks to the fact that air is used as a shaking agent, the combine harvester makes it possible to eliminate plant damage and increase the fruit dry matter content. According to the manufacturer's declarations, the low percentage of damaged fruit is the result of the harvesting method used in the machine; this method is comparable to the values obtained in manual harvesting. Up to 95% of harvested fruits go in class I.

The in-built 55 KW Kubota diesel engine drives all components necessary for the work. A low power tractor is then used to tow the combine harvester. The air jest is the machine’s basic element. Diversified air stream power and strength is adapted to the harvest type. Thanks to the con-tactless technology, it is possible to harvest both fruits and leaves without damage.
The air harvesting systems offer the advantage of independent frequency and velocity regulation of air streams for low frequency combination with high speed air currents and vice versa.

- Machine control - the pulsation and air speed regulation for the specific type of harvested fruit, the air tunnel width adjustment, independent levelling of the right and left side of the combine harvester, the harvester positioning it in relation to the tractor position and the conveyor speed control.- such a description of the device functionality can be found on the website

We invite you to visit the AGRO Trade @ Service company's expo stand at the upcoming AGROTECH fair.

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