TGM Enterprise & Investments joins this year’s International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition Kielce IFRE-EXPO to present present the most cutting edge fire-fighter's tower


The company will present an innovative fire tower with the drying and training station function - this is the 2019 novelty. This product was filed for the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland last year. IFRE-EXPO guests will be able to become acquainted with the one-of-a-kind solution not available in the market from any other company.

The main advantage of the tower is the ability to dry hoses and firemen's clothes with the use of gravity methods.  The tower is equipped with 4 dropped mooring points for drying max. 32 hoses (8 pieces per one hooking point) or 40 pieces of clothes and lifelines.

Combined with training section for climbing is intended for rescue techniques drill. Training platforms with safety railings are located at a height of 3 and 9 meters.

The tower has also been equipped with professional measuring tool-set to monitor air pollution. It comes with a meteo station.

The International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO 2018 welcomes all visitors from 7 to 9 June. Come round to see the TGM Enterprise & Investments expo stand (F55).  


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