Fair Las-Expo 2019 in Kielce is on the horizon. The Inter-Bis company from Nowy Sącz will present its novelty. Stunning products to become familiar with!

HTZ 1200 PLUS Frame Sawing Machine will be part of a modern production line  presented at Las-Expo in Targi Kielce
HTZ 1200 PLUS Frame Sawing Machine will be part of a modern production line presented at
Las-Expo in Targi Kielce

INTER-BIS GROUP - for 20 years it has constantly developed its portfolio to offer clients comprehensive solutions.  Wood  and construction industry are the company’s target sectors.  The quality of the products has been confirmed with certificates of conformity, technical approvals and attestations in accordance with European standards and the CE certificate. Las-Expo is the showcase for the company to present its new product. The line of the production line consisting of 4 machines will be on display at the Targi Kielce’s outdoor expo grounds.

These will be two Mebor bandsawing machine:  HTZ 1100 PRO - fast, versatile bandsawing mill. A perfect choice for sawmills oriented both to production efficiency and quality increase and those that want to reduce operating costs while increasing the quality of and production efficiency. Available together with an innovative double cutting system and automatic plank removal system.  Key features - fast and precise servo controlled (precision +/- 0.05 mm) blade positioning, log maneuvering in all position for maximum recovery which makes it possible to cut logs up to 900 mm in diameter, the highest performance in its price category.

The next sawmill is HTZ 1200 PLUS for unmatched performance in its price category. Sawmills from all continents rely on this versatile solution - from small, soft processing wood sawmills to quality-oriented sawmills that produce structural timber.  Key features: the blade positioning controlled by a servo (precision +/- 0.05 mm), fast automatic control for operator delays prevention, high-speed maneuvering functions for logs. This is a precise made machine which features the highest quality components.

The production line on display - full speed operating - the Mebor SDH-D 320 two-shaft disc saw  for logs.  This a powerful yet simple and efficient machine. Its advantages include the best price / performance ratio, robust construction, precise cutting and the add-on abrasion options.  

Mebor VR 900 edge saw will be the final line element.  Mebor edgers are valued by their strong and robust construction for reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs. VR machines can use up to 3 (5) moving heads for planks and cutting timber. Precise Mebor frame ensures high cutting precision and excellent product quality. Versions available - simple and highly automated.

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