Thousands of people visit the House and Garden trade show - not only do they look for building construction materials or apartment accessories, but above all they prosper for advice. A special advisory zone welcomes visitors - there they can meet architects and interior specialists. What do Kielce inhabitants ask about most often?

Architects' suggestions
Architects' suggestions

- Customers know what they want and therefore they ask about specific things, they seek concerete advice - Malwina Kuzera from the Tera Group Architectural Studio, one of the advisers in the experts zone held within the scop epf during House Expo.   The interior designer emphasizes that the first problem faced by apartment owners is to determine its rooms' size and the opportunities a particular room offers.  - We do not know what size a sofa should be and what other furniture can be accommodated in a 20 m2 room - adds Malwina Kuzera.

Most questions are related to the kitchen area.  We spend the most money on kitchen equipment and therefore we also want to make it ergonomic and at the same time stylish.  Questions about the thickness and type of kitchen work-tops, the width dishwashers and the height of the oven pop up most frequently.

Interestingly, many people ask about compact housing solutions.  There are questions about the multi-purpose furniture that comes back to favours - the guests are interested in how to make beds that can be hidden into a wardrobe or wall.  - says Mawina Kuzera.  The desire to make the most of the space is a priority for many of us, yet

many people consider walls removal.  Many questions are asked such as "Can a given wall be demolished to enlarge the space?" or "Can we open the kitchen to face the living room?".  - explains Malwina Kuzera.  The kitchen is no longer just a place to do the cooking it has already become a meetings space.     

 Do you have any questions for architects? Visit the C Expo Hall! We are open from 10:00 to 18:00.


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