Kielce Bike-Expo 2018 under PTTK auspices

The Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Association PTTK has granted its honorary patronage to the 9th edition of the International Fair of Bicycle Industry Kielce Bike-Expo.

Kielce Bike-Expo 2018 under PTTK auspices

Cycling has become a very popular form of pastime in Poland.  Those who choose a bicycle as a means of transport do it out of concern for the natural environment as well as  own health
and rational recreation.

As part of the cycling tourism promotion programme, PTTK has organised the all-Poland "Cyclists-Friendly Commune" competition since 2012. The competition objective is to express appreciation and recognition for municipal authorities', local associations' and activists' involvement and their care for cyclists' needs.  Previous years' winners are the municipalities which promote active recreation, create cycling infrastructure, initiate and support bicycle events and also publish cycling maps and guides.

The competition results and the presentation of certificates for the best municipalities will take place on September 13-15 in Targi Kielce during Kielce Bike-Expo - Poland's largest bicycle expo.


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