It is still three months before the Lviv Bike Expo commences but the organizers have much to boast about. The exhibitors listi grow bigger. Ukraine ready for bicycle craze, the popular and most important brands

Lviv Bike Expo is a good place for two-wheelers fans
Lviv Bike Expo is a good place for two-wheelers fans

The Lviv Bike Expo is held from 27 to 29 September. The organisers can already boast that the exhibitors list includes real highlights of the expo.  The is a bicycle tycoon on the - the Merida company. The brand annual sales reaches 450,000 bikes. This means that the company comes first in bicycle manufacturers rankings. The most popular are mountain bikes- both models for men and women.  MTB fans know Ninety-Six, One-Twenty, One-Forty, One-Sixty, as real household names; these have proven worthy in every situation.  The Taiwanese company was founded in 1972. Its latest collection of two-wheelers will be put on show at Lviv expo.

Parents make the best of the Puky's offer. The German company has been a market player for ovet 60 years and has offered bikes for children. The products high quality and the long-term guarantee is what the manufacturer uses as a magnet to attract parents all over the world. The run-bikes showcased by the manufacturer at the Lviv Bike Expo will amaze you with safety as well as with its distinctive design.

The Sportimprex is also on the exhibitors list. The Lviv expo guests are welcome to become familiar with sportswear and in particular with NAROO face masks.  Adverse weather conditions protect when taking sports is one of the clothes main functions. Masks capture particles, dust and protect againt UV radiation. The company will also present Sicaro's products. Kickbike is a combination of a classic scooter and a bicycle. The new product has already become very popular among both children and adults.


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