Not only Vincenzo Nibalego's gold bike is the highlight of the Merida's expo stand at Kielce Bike-Expo. One of the world's leading two-wheelers brands features novelties galore


The gold-plated bike was used by Vincenzo Nibali at this year's Giro d'Italia. The bike is put on display at Kielce Bike-Expo as one of the expo highlights.   Visitors may admire the extrardinary bicycle from 21 to 23 September at Merida Poland's expo stand E-16.

The machine used by the winner of all three major tours is one many attractions showcased at Merida's stand.  Kielce-staged Central and Eastern Europe's greatest event in bicycle-industry is also the presentation platform for 2018's novelties.  The Targi Kielce event features Polish premiere of, inter alia the Reacto – one of the most popular aero bikes available for years.  Although at first glance the new bike seems similar to its previous version, these two are two different machines.  The premier model is lighter than its predecessor, much more comfortable and much more advances in aerodynamics.  Despite numerous changes, its exceptional rigidity and service ease have been maintained.  - It is a perfect bike.  No excuses to shrug at aero bikes – says Joaquim "Purito" Rodriguez, the cycling legend, the Bahrain-Merida group ambassador.  The Kielce Bike-Expo showcases the premiere-presentation of Reacto Team version. Sonny Colbrelli, the team's member will be competing for the world championship next Sunday.

Silex - tame every road-type.

Merida gravel bike has become a reality.  Silex' Polish première is staged in Kielce. It already generates an avid interest in the world's media. The first bike reviews are very positive.  - We have created an outstandingly comfortable endurance bike with a big tyre clearance. This is what gravel means for us – says Patrick Laprell of Merida Research and Development.  Silex is versatility on wheels, practically no limitations attached.  You can carry luggage on it, take it for a long journey, you can bomb down the road or ride into the forest. All kinds of surfaces are perfect.  – The most important thing is the pleasure of riding – says Laprell.  This pleasure is mainly owed to the frame.  – The Sileks geometry is unique, no other bike offers such a position for the rider, all to a positive effect – explains the Merida designer.  The bike is agile, fast and comfortable.  Even in it basic versions it utilises a number of advanced solutions that the rider head wherever they wish to go, no matter what route they take.

Merida also presents a new unveiling of its popular Crossway bikes in Kielce.  Refreshed Crossway TFS frame will make long trips and day-long rides pleasanter and easier. This is owed to the conical head-tube which increases the handling precision.  The Crossway Urban is a faster and lighter stylish bike version.   It has different tubes shapes and a rigid fork.  Extra equipment and anti-theft locking system increase its readiness for a city life.  Targi Kielce event also showcases the urban models – the Merida Cityway and Classicway as well as the new versions of the Freeway trekking bikes.

New mountain-bikes and more

The upcoming bicycle expo is used by Merida to put on show its mountain bikes.  There will be a new version of One-Forty which makes you can feel as in in a great playground.  All this is owed to the new frame geometry.  Not only for great fun, agility and vigorous handling, but also great robustness of each of its paths. 



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