One of the oldest industrial plants in the Świętokrzyskie region has signed the new cooperation agreement. The agreement between Mesko S.A, Mesko AGD and Mesko-Rol was finalized during the Agrotech 2018 fair

The signed contract between Skarżysko-based companies
The signed contract between Skarżysko-based companies

The agreement outlined broad-cooperation scheme between companies;  since the division of the company in 2000, the companies' cooperation weaned.  As emphasized by the President Mariusz Kolanowski, Zakłady Mesko SA is the State Treasury company. Despite options availability, the respective companies did not use the resources of other companies separated from used-to-be ZM Mesko.

- This is a historic moment - emphasized Artur Matan, president of the Mesko-Rol and Mesko AGD companies - Today we intend to reinstate cooperation. There are many reasons for that.  We plan big investments: we are about to finish the Mesko-Rol hall, we are to raise Mesko AGD capital.  The company ended 2017 with the 300,000 PLN loss.  However, thanks to the companies' cooperation, the recovery plan's objectives were delivered at the beginning of March and the reported the 60 thousandth PLN surplus.

- We can show that two state-owned companies are able to cooperate with each other to a good cause - added Mariusz Kolanowski, President of Mesko SA at the press conference held in Targi Kielce.

The cooperation will be based on services exchange - Mesko-Rol and Mesko will supply semi-finished products and small parts for the needs of Mesko S.A. The latter will take over hardening services.    

- We also want to improve the working conditions in the plants - the presidents unanimously emphasized the need.  - We can not allow experienced turners to earn the lowest national wage.  The restructuring plan of the Mesko-Rol and Mesko AGD is primarily aimed at increasing wages.  This cooperation is also good news for the Świętokrzyskie region. The unemployment rate is still very high here.  The companies' development may result in the need to work shifts - said President Matan.

It is worth noting that this is yet another agreement that the Skarko-based Mesko-Rol signed during Agrotech 2018.   The first agreement signed at AGROTECH was concluded between Mesko an Ursus. That document makes it possible to produce machines for green crops preparation and harvesting.  The cooperation will enable Mesko-Rol to produce 600 rakes and mowers. These will go to showrooms labelled Ursus by Mesko-Rol brand.


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