Polish casting-industry entrepreneurs and Targi Kielce at Düsseldorf's GIFA


A collective expo stand of Targi Kielce Fairs and the seven Polish foundry-engineering companies attracted many visitors at the GIFA 2015, the world's largest business-sector expo held in Düsseldorf. The world-scale promotion of Kielce's METAL 2016 expo and the expo's business partners from Poland were the main objectives of the international event presence.

Participation in the fair METAL 2016 is much more than an excellent opportunity to present your products to a wide range of potential customers and business partners;  this is also a chance to become familiar with the latest technological, scientific and product development of this business sector. - says Piotr Pawelec, METAL expo Project Manager.  - METAL expo helps exhibitors to make the most of expo-related added values  - international promotion of the event and all its exhibitors which has been consistently exercised by Targi Kielce. GIFA expo brought together the foundry industry's most important companies and leading brands.  It was clearly demonstrated that Targi Kielce is ranked among the world's leading events related to the foundry engineering.  METAL 2016 expo promotion means Polish foundry industry promotion - for 20 years we have thus supported our exhibitors and business partners.

The Magnificent Seven at GIFA

Polish expo stand was the presentation platform for Targi Kielce in conjunction with: Poland Ceramika Ogniotrwała [Polish Refractory Ceramics], Art.Odlewnictwo Jacek GUZERA, FERRUM - WODECKI SJ foundry, MAT Szczecin, SPECODLEW, PLASTMET Kedzierzyn Kozle and its Italian partner Nuova Protecme Italy.  Many interesting interviews and talks with foreign companies were held within the scope of the expo; many of them have already declared their participation in next year's edition of Kielce's METAL.  German and Italian companies emphasized the the Kielce exhibition's unique nature and its significance for Central and Eastern Europe as well as the well-established market position the expo has developed over 20 years.  A significant number of German firms will be represented at the METAL 2016 through their Polish market dealers.  German exhibitors appreciate METAL as a robust and reliable partner; the METAL fair is UFI associated; UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry associates the most prestigious fair events in the world.  An important aspect is also the location of the Honorary Consulate of Germany - the Honorary Consul is Targi Kielce President - Andrzej Mochoń PhD. 


- GIFA was the chance to hold a discussion between the China Foundry Association and Targi Kielce focussed on Targi Kielce's presence at the Beijing's foundry expo in May 2016 year.  China expo provides a perfect opportunity for Polish companies' presentation  - says Piotr Pawelec. - However, having talked to the representatives of foundry companies and associations from our eastern-neighbouring countries we can say that the Ukrainian or Belarusian day held within the scope of METAL 2016 expo will attract avid attention among exhibitors and visitors.  We are also holding discussions with Russian Foundrymen Association regarding possibility of bringing Russian casting houses CEOs to the fair.

From Beijing to Verona - promotion and support    

 Our objective is to provide support and assistance for Polish foundry-engineering companies which would like to gain broad-scale publicity in the business sector - the manager highlights the campaign objective.  - Advertisements, media reports published at home ans and abroad, i.e. in Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Italy and the Far East markets like China and Taiwan -this is only a part of our activities.  Targi Kielce's presence at international fairs, exhibitions and congresses plays an important role.  In addition to GIFA 2015, Targi Kielce expo stand marked its presence at the World Congress of Foundry in Bilbao, Spain (May 2014), the Metal + Metallurgy China 2014 in Beijing, China (May 2014) and the METEF / FOUNDEQ 2014 in Verona, Italy (May 2014).

 What are Targi Kielce's further plans to gain publicity for Polish foundry industry and METAL expo?  - We will be a part of the Belarus casting conference in autumn 2015 and at the die casting expo EUROGUSS 2016 in Germany.  China and Japan follow - adds METAL expo manager.

Targi Kielce offers the world scale presentation platform!We are looking forward to cooperation!


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This September  Silesian University of Technology welcomes you to the annual conference

on "Solidification and Crystallization of Metals", held on 2 - September 2015 during the international defence industry fair - MSPO 2015.

 The event encompasses the  "POLISH FOUNDRY ENGINEERING FOR THE ARMAMENTS INDUSTRY." project  - Polish foundry companies offer is targeted at Polish the defense industry contractors.

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