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ZMK SAS has produced solid fuels boilers since 1980
ZMK SAS has produced solid fuels boilers since 1980

ZMK SAS has produced solid fuels boilers since 1980 Many year-experience and production technology excellence made it possible to construct boilers which meet the class 5 requirements in accordance with PN-EN 303-5: 2012 and the ecodesign directive.  Thus the eco-pea boilers: COMPACT, SOLID, EFEKT, SPARK and the pellet boilers:  BIO SOLID, BIO EFFECT, BIO COMPACT, BIO SPARK can be used in subsidy programmes for the purchase of modern heating devices. These boilers also contribute to the low-altitude emissions reduction.  The SAS MULTI FLAME burner with a moving self-cleaning grate is used for pellet boilers. This unique, patented technological solution increases boilers efficiency.  SAS also took care of ecological solutions for buildings with heat demand above 50 kW.  The type-series of much-appreciated SOLID boilers has been enlarged 
 to include BIO SOLID - now available in the 72-200 kW power range.  This is the only market company to offer 5 class eco-pea coal or pellets boilers: ECO-PELL (100-300 kW). Power boilers also meet the 5th class EcoDesign requirements.

MiniGREEN burner  

The SAS novelty - a pellet-type insert burner adapted for installation in the boiler's door. The miniGREEN burner makes it possible to burn pellets in systems with a traditional hopper.  The basic equipment includes a burner, a fuel transporting feeder and a colour touch controller TECH ST-950. Optionally, a fuel tank can be added onto the set - available in 2 configurations and 6 capacities.  Systematic furnace cleaning when a boiler is used operation and its thorough scrubbing after work ensures continuous top-quality combustion process.  The daytime off system eliminates the sintering, ashes gathering risk. The intuitive controller for the valve and four pumps management. Optionally, an Ethernet, GSM and room regulator module is also available.

 We encourage you to visit the company's expo stand during the upcoming AGROTECH 2019 Expo.   


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