The MAC Group is one Poland's leading educational publishers. The company has supported teachers for years. This time MAC has resolved to support the all-Michelangelo Laurels competition. We talk to Maria Zdziech - a MAC product group specialist. we discuss the willingness to help, the MAC Group plans for the nearest future and in the direction Polish education system has assumed

The MAC Group is the sponsor of one of the awards
The MAC Group is the sponsor of one of the awards

Why have you decided to support the Michelangelo Laurel competition?

Maria Zdziech, MAC Group: We are an educational publisher, We are not afraid to involve in creating new trends in education, we support all valuable initiatives which contribute to development of modern technologies for school and kindergartens.  And if two local companies with nationwide reach have the opportunity to join forces - Targi Kielce and the MAC Group; we are more than glad to join in.

MAC publishing house has supported Polish education for 30 years. We have witnessed how it has changed. Now we also shape its development. And despite the fact that we continue to issue paper textbooks appreciated by teachers and students, we know how important new technologies are in today's world. The new trends may nicely interact with printed publications and perfectly complement them.  That is why we have offered comprehensive solutions for many years. Innovative aids teaching - interactive boards, monitors, projectors, software and even learning friendly robots for programming - these some of the examples.  The Michelangelo Laurel competition is a great opportunity to award solutions of this type.

Modern school and creative teachers - this is what MAC EDUCACJA has always been a proponent of.  What is a modern school like? Does Polish education encompass the latest trends?

Maria Zdziech, MAC Group:"Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.... "- this Albert Camus' thought should appear in many schools in a most visible place. This should be a decoy beacon for teachers and a student.  The educational reality we co-create focuses on the new generations to come. This largely diverges form up-bringing and teaching we had the opportunity to experience as children. This is also our today's adults observation.

A dozen or so years ago, education was closely related to traditional teaching methods. Every deviation from the norm was regarded an innovation. And new elements did not always mean good developments ...

Polish education today faces the teachers', parents' and the general public's expectations regarding skills shaping, models and knowledge acquired by the youngest members of the general public and social life.

Mac-Tablica-foto1 Cutting-edge teaching methods have become a permanent part of everyday school life rhythm. These no longer raise concerns of teachers who are less familiar with new technologies.

Despite numerous questions: "modern teaching methods - progress or a deterioration in teaching quality?" Polish teachers are more and more bold. They openly admit that we will not be able to prepare the young generation for the world they live in if we do not trigger the change for the better.

Education is one of the social areas that is inseparable from human identity shaping.

You have sponsored very interesting prizes that will please all teacher - how can they help and support teacher's day-to-day work?

Maria Zdziech, MAC Group: The use of Information and Communication Technologies (so-called ICT) at schools has become a standard today. We trigger education changes in order to fit into the reality we are in.

The interactive product is a leading product. The equipment generates an avid interest among teachers and pupils.  

"Happy to use the board"? Working with an interactive material triggers great cognitive curiosity in children, makes traditional learning even more attractive.

Our publishing house boasts almost 30 years of experience in the education market. We have always followed the trends and met our clients' expectations, we have introduced boards and interactive monitors under our own brand - Mac Technologie. Mac Technologie software that comes with the equipment have gained teachers' recognition. This appreciation continued for several years. Functionality, aesthetics and intuitiveness as the most important aspects of the use of multimedia equipment we offer.

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