For 20 years, the Armed Forces Exhibition has been accompanying the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Targi Kielce

Soldiers preparing the Polish Armed Forces Exhibition at the MSPO 2019
Soldiers preparing the Polish Armed Forces Exhibition at the MSPO 2019

The Armed Forces Exhibition organisation is an extensive logistic undertaking in which both soldiers and army employees are involved.  Most of the work remains invisible and unknown for visitors,  however, it is worth paying attention to the behind-the-scenes heroes.  Preparation means a big logistic challenge which involves heavy military equipment transportation across the country and the exhibition stands construction which serve as a display for military units.

The Kielce expo centre’s indoor and outdoor expo grounds are a full house, the display for military equipment put on show by the Armed Forces. On-site services help and support soldiers working on the preparation of the 20th Exhibition - 2019’s presentation is held under the banner of " The Republic of Poland’s Modern Armed Forces are being created today. Be a Part of the Future”

The soldiers from the 1st Logistics Brigade- the main part of the Task Force are responsible for this year's Exhibition; transport, medical services, back-up and food provision are in scope of their responsibility. Despite unfavourable weather conditions, the experience and skills the IWsp SZ soldiers gained before result in the timely projects implementation.  About 100 soldiers helped by 30 equipment units carry out their tasks. They are truly committed to make the 20th, anniversary of the Armed Forces Exhibition a success - says Lt Col Col. Jacek Kafka, the commander of the Grouping. 

The Military Police, Military Fire Brigade and representatives of the military health services an important element of the exhibition's safety and security -  they are here to safeguard all participants.  

Military staff also work on site - accommodation and the transport are also their responsibilities.  The expo section used by the army only is thus well managed traffic and transportation wise.  

The soldiers will report readiness for the Exhibition on September 2, the day before the MSPO commencement.  Thanks to the soldiers joint effort, the Open Day on September 7 will wilcome those interested to see the Polish army potential.  

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