The Kielce Jan Kochanowski University’s International Politics and Security Institute organised the National Scientific Conference on the defence industry as Poland's economic and defence policy main subject

Many people attended the conference
Many people attended the conference

The directions for reconstruction and modernization of the armed forces were discussed by attorney-at-laws Beata Cieszyńska  and Tomasz Darowski. The main lecture topic - the finance sources for defence based on Poland's own resources and with international funds.

The experts explained where money for the armed forces modernisation may come from, and this includes   funds obtained from property sale and making military training grounds available to foreign troops. They also discussed the multi-annual programmes and their relationship to GDP.

In addition, topics such as:  "The defence industry’s and its research and defence base’s role in the economic and defence policy implementation", "Strategic change in the Republic of Poland’s safety and security  enhancement - main theses", "Economic and defence policy as an integral part of the state's economic policy and stimulus for economic growth" and "Polish Group Armaments - history and present times. "

The conference accompanied and supplemented the  XXVII International Defence Industry Exhibition .


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