The company will demonstrate a small capacity manure spreader from the Siroko series with a new adapter

JOSKIN offers the world’s widest programme of agricultural trailers for fertilizers  transporting and distribution
JOSKIN offers the world’s widest programme of agricultural trailers for fertilizers
transporting and distribution

The AGROTECH welcomes JOSKIN as one of its exhibitors presenting manure spreader from the Siroko series -  low capacity type equipped with a new adapter. It is worth recalling that the Siroko series has a load box located between the wheels,  the Siroko spreader body is narrow, which makes it possible to fit it with large wheels. Fully galvanized body makes the product durable and robust. The Siroko model is equipped with transverse suspension and can offer a high or low hook-point. The total diameter of the adapter shafts, and hence their size has been increased. The vertical shaft tubes diameter is now much smaller than in the old v ersion. The retractable blades are much longer than in previous versions. The blades construction makes it possible to avoid contact with foreign objects. Blades high mobility also reduces the volume of the material. The long blades improve the spread quality and shred the scattered material. Therefore, the material can be scattered and crushed in large quantities. The new spreading rollers have made it possible to modify the adapter - now with considerably increased width and height. In the case of the same material, the dose per hectare has increased compared to what to be used to dose before.

The guillotine gate drive actuators are now loosely mounted on the box. This configuration prevents material blockages and allows for an easy access to the machine whenever maintenance is needed. Another innovation: the traffic lights are designed and installed in a different way - now the lights are now mounted under the adapter in order to minimize soiling. At the same time, they are secured with a transparent plastic plate when on the field. After going off the road the shields can be easily pulled out and set to the outside. The rear chain sprockets teeth are now simple and not bent, which increases the operation efficiency.  Thus slipping is reduces which translates to a lower wear and tear. The chain movement is more even too.  The knives are now made of Hardox steel (10 mm) 450, so they are much more durable than before (6 mm). Knives are replaced less frequently, so there is less demand for spare parts. In addition, the knives can be used on both sides.  The new SIROKO model also meets the growing requirements of  small farms with regards efficiency and quality of the spread.

JOSKIN encourages you to visit their expo stand during the AGROTECH. 


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