"Grand Format Jazz " exhibition of the Targi Kielce President was a real treat for all jazz enthusiasts who took part in All Souls' Day Jazz Meeting in Pińczów. The event was staged last weekend (28-29 October) in the Self-Government Culture and Regional Museum Centre

From the left:  Andrzej Mochoń, Targi Kielce President, Jerzy Znojek, Director of the Pińczów Regional Museum Iwona Senderowska, director of Local Government Culture Centre, photo by   Alicja Mazurek
From the left: Andrzej Mochoń, Targi Kielce President, Jerzy Znojek, Director of the
Pińczów Regional Museum Iwona Senderowska, director of Local Government Culture Centre,
photo by Alicja Mazurek

A famous composer and jazz pianist Artur Dutkiewicz was the artistic director of this year's 13th Pińczów All Souls' Day Jazz Meeting, the event will be long remembered by all jazz lovers.  This was an extraordinary spiritual feast and a journey through the world.  Both the local musicians such as  Artur Dutkiewicz Trio, Gniewomir Tomczyk Project as well as the world famous artists such as the excellent jazz vocalist Karo Glazer and Regi Wooten Trio were performing.  This has been the first time the organises resolved to to expand the program to include singing and drum workshops. This initiative was very much to young musicians' liking.

Polish and foreign musicians presented in Andrzej Mochoń's photographic exhibition' the vernissage took place during Pińczów All Souls' Day Jazz Meeting.  A few dozens of the Targi Kielce's President of Board's signature photographs were put on show - not only do they show Mr Mochoń's interested in photography, but first and foremost his music fascinations.  The vivacity and the passion conveyed by made the photographer passionate; the exhibition emanates with emotions, speaks through details such as droplets of sweat on the faces of the musicians, their effort, a dark atmosphere of a concert illuminated only with the eye-piercing headlights beams.  In the photos we can see Leszek Możdżer in deep bow in front of the audience. His long hair almost touch the stage.  Tomasz Stańko leans towards the eye of the camera.   The relaxed Staszek Soyka watches the photographer working.  He leans against a table with a cup and a kettle on.  We can see the twilight through window, a Tivoli's audiophile radio is there on the windowsill.

Andrzej Mochoń has taken his photographs at the New York and Chicago clubs, at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia.  Polish jazz lovers have had the chance to meet Mr Mochoń and see him shooting at concerts in Warsaw, Bielsko-Biała and Kielce.  He has been an active member of the Kielce Jazz Club. He unveiled the statue of Miles Davis in front the Culture Centre. The monument was unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the trumpeter's death.  The "Grand Format Jazz" is another in the series of Andrzej Mochoń's exhibitions; "Not Only Jazz" (2013), "Photography" (2000) and "The Light" (2005) preceded.  In 2006 Mr Mochoń also participated in the collective exhibition of the new members of the Świętokrzyskie Region's ZPAF.  It is worth noting that photography and jazz are Mr Andrzej Mochoń's great hobbies.  He also loves mountains; Mr Mochoń would climbs Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro, he regularly takes his family to the Polish mountains.  Since 2006 Mr Mochoń has been the Targi Kielce Management Board President, he is also one of the originators of the International Defence Industry Exhibition.  Since 2009 Mr Mochon has also been the honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in  Kielce. Sensitive, unconventional, creative, ingenious, focused, distracted, brave, a true aficionado - this is what we read about him in the exhibition folder.  Many of these characteristics of a manager and an artist will be revealed through the pictures he has taken.  



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