This year's trade fair will feature national exhibitions of Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. The expo is held from 28 to 31 May. The companies’ have already booked the exhibitions space in all 7 halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre

The last year’s PLASTPOL in Targi Kielce attracted 19,000 industry experts
The last year’s PLASTPOL in Targi Kielce attracted 19,000 industry experts

The interest in PLASTPOL 2019 is really great despite the fact that this year is also the year of the K Trade Fair which always attracts the attention of  the plastics processing industry companies from all over the world.   However, many  Targi Kielce  PLASTPOL exhibitors include the Poland-based expo into their marketing and promotional activities. Thus they have planned the Kielce expo presence as this is the place do do real, industry-oriented business.  Exhibitors often decide to go much broader - not only do they have modest information stands, but also large exhibitions with machines working live.

PLASTPOL is more and more attractive for foreign companies. We need to remember that more than 50 percent of the exhibitors are entrepreneurs from outside Poland. 2018’s exhibitors at the Kielce expo represented 38 countries and 4 continents.  Last year's expo was visited by 19,000 industry professionals, including many foreign guests.  PLASTPOL is one of Europe’s most valued and highly recognised industry events  for  plastics processing business.  Entrepreneurs find PLASTPOL a unique opportunity to meet - the expo is one stop shop for the Polish industry leaders. This is a perfect chance to establish cooperation. Foreign companies appreciate the opportunity, too.

Every year, new countries join the exhibitors group.  This time, for example, Georgia has joined the expo fellowship.  There will also be more companies from Iran - these want to mark their presence on the European market. Turkey and China have a strong representation in 2019. The upcoming International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber Industry will be accompanied with interesting national exhibitions. The industries potential will be presented by Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.



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