The XXVII International Defence Industry Exhibition is the showcase for the Polish Armaments Group which presents a wide range of innovative solutions and systems dedicated for the Polish Armed Forces and foreign partners


The PGZ Group exhibition is the place to see and become familiar with

  • short and very short range anti-aircraft and missile defence systems - for years Polish Armaments Group and its subsidiary companies have provided the Polish Armed Forces and allays with modern anti-aircraft armaments.  The solutions already contracted within the scope of PILICA and POPRAD programmes as well as EMADS system launcher configuration option on the Jelcz chassis as one of the solutions for the  Narew programme will also be on display here.
  • The new infantry fighting vehicle developed as part of research and development scheme under the Borsuk code name. The IFV is equipped with a ZSSW-30 turet system.  "Borsuk" is to replace the old BWP-1 JFV used now by the Armed Forces. The ZSSW-30 system, integrated with the anti-tank guided missile launcher is the armament for the infantry fighting vehicles and armoured wheeled personnel carriers.
  • Rosomak BMS battalion battlefield management system  built on the KTO Rosomak platform in 8x8 configuration;
  • modular, multi-variant tank destroyers on three tracked chassis for the Armed Forces - a part of the technical dialogue for the program  code-name Ottokar-Brzoza. The programme is designed to enable a qualitative leap in anti-tank artillery used by the Polish Armed Forces
  • The solutions developed by the PGZ companies Consortium for the persona combat system - program code name  Tytan;
  • the PGZ Group’s ITWL and its foreign partner for extensive modernization of the Mi-24 helicopter;
  • new armoured and wheeled technology products - Heavy Wheeled Evacuation and Technical Rescue Vehicle "Hardun" and KTO 6x6 Rosomak.

The XXVII International Defence Industry Salons begins today and continues until Friday. Saturday marks the Open Day.



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