For the first time the expo is staged in the nine exhibition halls. KIDS’ TIME features product launches galore and visitors from all corners of the world; the jubilee child products and services business sector's holiday promises to be a magnificent event. Save the date - 20 - 22 February and join us in Kielce

The jubilee Kids' Time expo held from February 20 to February 22 in Targi Kielce
The jubilee Kids' Time expo held from February 20 to February 22 in Targi Kielce

The 10th Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME is held in Targi Kielce  The event is a permanent fixture in the calendars of many, the must–attend expo has advanced to become one of Europe’s most important events of this sector.  For the last nine years, the event has been steadily growing to become one of the Old Continent's most important exhibitions. Year after year is has expanded its audience - both exhibitors and visitors.


Important personalities from Russia pay a visit to Kielce
This year’s   Kids' Time 2019   will , for the first time host the representatives of the  Moscow Export Centre  and  the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. These two organizations’ delegates visit the expo in order to resolve about financing Russian companies’ participation in subsequent Kids' Time editions, starting with the 2020’s expo.

February will see the abundance of regular participants including Russian journalists from the "Parents choice" magazine and the portal .


Representatives of Russian shops
Russian children's stores’ representatives will take part in the trade show.  In total, they will represent as many as 22 enterprises,  including the popular Lapsi. Lapsi brand has its own premium showroom in Moscow and St. Petersburg. FEST, another represented company is a network of premium-brand showrooms and stores in Russia. Detskij Mir Vita - a popular children's stores chain from Kazakhstan has recently opened a store in Moscow. Korablik - children's fashion stores chain is highly valued in Russia.

There will also be other Russia’s market players:   OOO KidTrade, OOO EdmGroup, OOO Detskij №1, IP Anufrieva, IP Kukushkina, IP Yugay, OOO Alisa, OOO.Malysh, OOO Djuk Jug, Smaile, Little Star, SantaLucia, Click-Torg, Click-Trade, OrionShop, Eva. ru, IP Zainetdinov Ramil, KingsBurgExpo and IP Ovechkin

Children's industry B2B trade fair - this February in Targi Kielce!


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