The Fashion For Kids expo offers a great opportunity to gain get new business leads and expand knowledge about foreign markets. The children's textile industry has been vibrantly developing. Russia at the same time has become a prospective target market. In her lecture Elena Pismenskaja gave an insight into the needs of her fellow-citizens


The Little Star director and the founder of the Kids Fashion Retail consulting agency convinced the Targi Kielce guests that Russia is the perfect place to open up children's business.  Elena Pismenskaja emphasized that Poland's eastern neighbours do not economise on children-related spendings.  The textile market for children is very stable. There are more than 30 million children in Russia, age up to 17. Therefore entrepreneurs are able to show off their skills and talents in Russia's markets.

However it is necessary to learn thoroughly Russia's market specificity in order to enter the eastern market . Elena Pismenskaja was a special guest of the Fashion For Kids expo, in her presentation Pismenskaja underlined the five basic tips future investors may find necessary.  First of all, the demographic crisis has also affected Russia. Fewer children are born. Those who were born at the baby-boom times are growing older and therefore phase out from the children's sector. Despite this trend, there is an increase in sales in the so-called family stores -these retailers make it possible to buy clothes for the whole family. What is more - on-line stores' popularity has been growing. Online shopping volumes increased by 20%. The Russian market, just like the European one has also open for large retail chains' private labels.  It is also worth remembering that products with exceptional properties, such as teromoactive underwear or luminous shoes are extremely popular.

Russian customers love promotional schemes. As many as 30% of shoppers decide to go shopping  when there is discounts and sales time. As many as 11% of them put off shopping until the rebate price scheme is available.  Russia also witnesses a generational change. Young people buy on the Internet and with the use of mobile applications. Products related knowledge is usually gained from social networking sites.  These tips and hints are worth considering for those who intend to enter the eastern-neighbour's market.



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