Cosplay, books, comics, the Far East culture, games and concerts - this is just a a drop in the sea of you can immerse at the event.

The clock is ticking. The weekend with attractions galore is on the horizon - many fantasy lovers from all over Poland have been waiting for this weekend. . August 17-19 mark the time when Kielce welcomes all those who come from all corners of Poland. Targi Kielce  becomes a great capital of fantasy then.  The fifth Sabat Fiction Fest edition is a real magnet - not only does it attract toe Świętokrzyskie with its rich and diversified program, the exhibition
and numerous shows. There will be also attractions galore you have never seen before.

The Świętokrzyskie Jagacon convent has been held since 2013. Now the convent and the Sabat Fiction Festival of Fantasy have been merged to become one great event.  The organizers aim is to guarantee an unforgettable weekend to all fantasy and the Far East culture lovers.

The V Festival edition  leitmotiv is the time travel. Whose who join the weekend's Targi Kielce events will have the opportunity to go back to the times when such beasts as dragons, vampires and strigoi used to be a regular occurrence.  If the participant want to, they may go into the future and reach the neon cyberpunk and interstellar travel times.  Following the previous years' example. the organizers guarantee attractive discounts ranging from 50% to even 100% for the full - three-day festival accreditation for all who join the Sabat Fiction-Fest in the role of creators . Can you boast fantastic interests and you wish to share them with others? Are tempted to have a discussion about a famous film, game or comic-book? Have you long dreamed of organising a knowledge-competition at the event.  Do not hesitate and enter the Festival website, there you will find the right form. There is no time to lose.

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