How to stimulate sales devotional stores effectively, why it is worth building a company image and establishing a relationship with clients - it is discussed in Targi Kielce


Devotional items stores are unique places with regular customers, with characteristic periods of increased sales, such as church holidays, communions and confirmations.

- People, regardless of the industry, buy because of their emotions. A ready-made prescription on how to sell effectively in religious items industry is already there.  No business is always on top. Do not be afraid of changes, because they may serve as a developing tool.  You have to enjoy the adversities, which can lead to new sales quality - said Jan Kubica, a coach and specialist of sales techniques at the workshop held on the first day of the Sacroexpo. - Build relationships with your clients, find out what their needs are.  If you manage to evoke emotions in people, show that their needs are important to you - this offers a great chance. People will come back to you and will even recommend you.  

The training presented sales techniques, behaviour patterns in a situation when customers return unsatisfied and files a complaint. There were also talks about buyers’ frequently asked questions...

- I'm not a fan of financial discounts. We can always offer buyers a different kind of gratification for the purchase. This may be a small gift - said the specialist. - I also encourage you to observe your clients.  Look carefully at their body language. For example, are they satisfied when leaving your shop.  It is worth having an eye for such details.  


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