In 2016, the many-year exhibitor of foundry expo celebrates 25th anniversary. Silum Foundry of Opojowice (near Wielun) produces pressure-castings; the customers portfolio includes well-known international brands

Wieslaw Walczak, Vice President of Opojowice-based Silum Foundry promises an interesting company's exhibition at Kielce's 2016's METAL
Wieslaw Walczak, Vice President of Opojowice-based Silum Foundry promises an interesting
company's exhibition at Kielce's 2016's METAL

The exhibitor's products a multiple award-winners at the METAL expo in Kielce. Wieslaw Walczak, Vice President of Silum Foundry was requested for an interview.

- Since when has Silum Foundry participated in the foundry-business expo in Kielce?

- With just one-year gap, since 1996 the Silum Foundry has participated in the Kielce's METAL expo. METAL is Central and Eastern Europe's greatest event of its kind solely and utterly focussed on foundry business sector. We use the Kielce trade-show to present our pressure-die casting and light metals casting offer. Tool-section however is our main focus. We offer pressure cast for the foundry industry.

- What is your perception of Polish foundry business' situation juxtaposed with the rest of Europe?

Over the recent years, Poland and whole Europe have witnessed accelerated development in pressure die-casting and light metals casting. Poland's market has also seen numerous business-entrants - private casting companies as well as foreign companies which have invested in production facilities in Poland. These are mainly aluminium or magnesium castings plants, although there is a smaller number of the latter. Casting business sector has potentials to continue its growth and increase export. The greatest development opportunities are offered by automotive industry - this sector has been constantly growing. Thus it has become largest cast "consumer". It creates demand for pressure die-casting and non-ferrous alloys products. However this trend also presents another opportunity - in the nearest future demand for cast iron and cast steel products for automotive industry may increase.

- What will you present at METAL expo held from 20 to 22 September 2016?

At the 2016's METAL, Silum foundry will continue to attract visitors' attention with its tool shop, one of Poland's best equipped toolmaking facilities. We offer large production capacities of high quality die-cast moulds. We are capable of satisfying very demanding technical requirements.

This year our expo stand will be a display for an interesting range of the latest castings for home appliances, mainly for Samsung washing machines. Our company is a major supplier of star-pieces and bearing housings for Samsung. Last year as well as this year we have been acclaimed Samsung Poland best supplier. You are most welcome to visit our expo stand and become familiar with Silum Foundry products assortment.

 - Thank you for the conversation.


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