Many Polish cities have been involved in smog combat. This is particularly urgent topic, given the fact that this is not only the problem of large agglomerations, but also of smaller towns. The Enex Expo organizers have recognised the need to involve in discussions. Hence the idea to organise the conference

Conferences at Targi Kielce
Conferences at Targi Kielce

"Smog combat - a challenge for all of us" is the energy industry meeting with the state institutions and scientific milieus representatives.  The conference was formally opened by Agata Wojtyszek - the Świętokrzyski Voivode. The regional governor recognises the need for change. She also emphasizes the need to offer financial support. Finance provision renewable energy sources for environment protection were discussed and introduced in greater details by a representative of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Kielce. Katarzyna Kitlińska and Renata Ciesielska outlined support programmes and schemes targeted at entrepreneurs and individual persons.  Energy Counsellors suggested that boiler replacement and thermo-modernisation not only contribute to a dangerous gases emissions limitation, but will also have a positive impact on our financial resources.

Leszek Karski - director of the Legal and Jurisprudence Department of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection presented the report on the air quality in Poland.  Not only boilers and cars have the impact on air quality, but also faulty or obsolete heating girds as well as insufficient buildings insulation.

The "Smog combat - a challenge for all of us" conference is one of the many debates held within the scope of ENEXEKOTECH and GREEN CITY EXPO can boast a whole array of meetings.  "Ecologist for Local Governments" and "Greenery in great demand" are open discussion platforms focussed on green areas development and management. The speakers at the "EnergiaPL" conference analyse renewable sources energy storage and home-based mini-power plants.    


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