The debate of the Wprost and weekly Targi Kielce with the participation of Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Chodkiewicz goes down in history


Marek Chodkiewicz - Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Iwona Stępień-Kotlarek, Deputy General Director for National Roads and Motorways, Jerzy Kwieciński Minister of Investments and Innovativeness, Adam Wojczuk - Director of Development Strategy of Lotos Asfalt and Andrzej Mochoń - President of the Targi Kielce talked about the effects of the EU perspective which has ended.

Might have the problem been avoided?  What caused the problems? The Supreme Audit Chamber report on GDDKiA's activities was the food for thought before the discussion opened.

Iwona Stępień-Kotlarek, Deputy Director General for National Roads and Highways spoke about risky contracts and potential threats for subcontractors.  - There was no such a thing as the abnormally low price at the time.  The offers which were selected were characterised with the abnormally low price - admitted Iwona Stępień. She also added that proceedings errors occurred both on the client and subcontractors part - Errors were on both sides - she concluded. She also added that inexperience was significant. There was not enough experienc in such large budgets disposal - this opinion was confirmed by Barbara Dzieciuchowicz, president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Road Construction Industry.  She emphasized the EURO 2012 negative impact on the rate of investment implementation.   - The state was not prepared for the number of tenders and the regulations did not secure the position of the weakest participants in the investment process - added the president of OIGD.  - The offers at the level of 50% of the feasible cost estimate constituted the biggest problems - she said and   also drew attention to the lack of legal procedures which ensured supervision over the contractual provisions execution.  The companies that concluded agreements with the state did not foresee the lack of remuneration consequences.  - They might have been naive, but state contracts should not lead to such situations because the state reputation is infringed - she said. The lowest price at tenders resulted in the fact that over 250 companies collapsed.

Andrzej Mochoń, Targi Kielce President of the  Board shared this opinion. He also pointed out that the criterion was  inappropriate. He used the example of the expo centre's s infrastructure expansion.  - According to the regulations we had to choose the cheapest offer, the worst at the same time - he said. - The was not only GDDKiA problem. It was the original sin was of the act itself. The Act prompted the cheapest companies.  From the state point of view companies should have a margin that allows them to invest - he stated.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Chodkiewicz stated that the immaturity of the state resulted in the lack of solutions.  - Once there used to be an executive design, measurements which allowed the contractor to estimate cost.Offers might have been compared - he noted. - We have switched to design and build too quickly - he said. The lack of such procedures resulted in contractors' inability to predict risks.  Adam Wojczuk of Lotos Asfalt emphasized the lack of cooperation and partnership approach when solving the existing problems. He also reminded about the significant impact of the asphalt prices increase which lead to the existing situation.  

However, such conversations should lead to conclusions to be applied in the future.  - Today we notice the market turbulence.  The materials prices are growing and this may result in problems with execution based on offers prepared earlier.  Together with the Council of Experts we keep trying to solve the problem - he added. - We require that part of the work must be implemented with company's own means. We have introduced a requirement for subcontractors to avoid punishment with larger penalties than those for the general contractor - he noted.

The debate was held on the first day of the 24th International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA This year's expo continues for two more days.



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