The Dom, Garden and You, Agrotravel, Eco-Style, Handicraft - so many events staged at the same time. How to find your bearings and get a grip of that all? In the spring time Targi Kielce joins forces with Kielce bloggers. The latter will help you find your bearing in a busy program of April events, all done in a humorous manner

Bloggers will share their impressions
Bloggers will share their impressions

Already on 20th April Targi Kielce launches the spring events marathon.  This year's hunt for spring, market novelties is enhanced with the support of exceptional women. Curiosity, creativity and a good sense of humour are their main features.  Ladies are known to the Kielce inhabitants - just look into the social media and their websites.

The list opens with Katarzyna Jaskóła who runs the Babskie Wnętrze [Woman's Inner Life]blog.  Interesting ideas for the interior design of the apartment is what we find here.  The blogger also presents original ways to make everyday objects without professionals' help.  She is a real interior design master and DYI enthusiast. She will certainly give you interesting solutions.  Descriptions of the April expo, filtered through the blogger's perspective will be presented on-line.  I wonder whether Kasia will find something of her interest at the House and Handicraft expos...

Martyna Wawrzeńczuk, the author of the Healthy Logics blog is also with us.  She is a true healthy nutrition specialist. The delicious and healthy recipes for everyday and unusual dishes are presented on the Instagram.   Martyna will definitely pay a visit the Eco-StyleandHealth & Beauty expo stands.  

If you like to collect unique items and moments, we encourage you to meet Żaneta Lurzyńska - the  Collector. Her blog about life style lets you see everyday life in a different perspective.  Culinary experiments, fashion dreams, a hint of culture and a handful of considerations about motherhood - this is what the blog is composed of.   Żaneta will surely find at our expo beautiful, unique items that will be worth remembering.

Katarzyna Kozieł is a lifestyle blogger who runs the website.  Entries focuss reflections on current topics as well as reviews of books or TV programs.  Kasia will be here on the hunt for interesting attractions and news. Then she will describe what she has found with a hint of irony.

We usually enter the spring with a large dose of energy and optimism, hence the April expos cannot go without the missedOptymist - Kinga Półchłopek. She is a mother of the two tiny girls. Her parenting blog with a hint of lifestyle has already won the hearts of devoted fans.  Kinga will certainly not miss the Handicraft, House and Garden and You trede shows.

The next in the list are Joanna Janaszek - the author of Antoonovka blog and Magdalena Szczukiewicz of the Joanna is a propagator of parenting closeness, close body contact in a carrier. Her everyday life blog of parents is seasoned with a lot of humour and excellent photos.  Magdalena Szczukiewicz runs a portal to help to contact other parents. A handful of practical advice is always at hand here too.  The entries feature latest trends on children's clothes, bedding, toys. These ladies will certainly visit the Handicraft expo. The event program includes interesting surprises for the youngest - a sewing workshop with the use of machines, making dolls worksop and others.

Offers of exhibitors of the Agrotravel & Active will certainly  be very much to Patrycja Majcher's liking -  she runs the Live4live blog.   She never misses on any interesting event which takes place in our city.  Patricia goes to places where much is happening therefore the she cannot possibly miss the expos.

Already on 20th April Targi Kielce launches the spring events marathon.  We wait for visitors from 10:00 to 18:00 (from Friday to Sunday).  Tickets can be bought on the day of the event - price is PLN 15.


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