The second day of the near-distance transport expo saw an important lift industry conference

The International Conference abounded with interesting speakers
The International Conference abounded with interesting speakers

EURO-LIFT it is primarily a knowledge-packed expo.  The most prestigious industry organizations from all over Europe, honorary patronage of the Ministry of Investment and Development, 101 companies from 14 countries - all facts and figures prove that the   Kielce event   is very important for lift business sector.

The main topic of the international conference held within the scope of the  EURO-LIFT 2018  in Targi Kielce “Lifts maintenance, modernization and installation - the perspective one year after the of EN PN 81.20/50 introduction”. 

The official opening of the conference started with the address of  Andrzej Ziółkowski - the President of the Office of Technical Inspection and Tadeusz Popielas, Secretary General of the Polish Association of Lift Manufacturers.

Inter alia, the meeting focused on the lifts industry digitization and education as well as finances for  modernization and  refurbishment of  existing lifts   under the "Accessibility Plus" programme. The effects of poor maintenance on the risk of lift failure, the safety of passenger lifts in the context of securing the lift car interior and the rules for the correct lifts modernization were also addressed. 

The presenters list was really extensive:  Roberto Zappa, President of the European Lift Association, Roger Howkins (ARUP), Mateusz Szymański (Safel), Stormer Stefan (TUV Austria), Paweł Rajewski (UDT), Michał Dębski (UDT) and Leszek Fidelus (UDT).

After the discussion and summary of the meeting, its participants visited the exhibition  International Lifts Exhibition EURO-LIFT.



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