The Armed Forces Exhibition has become an integral part of the International Defence Industry Exhibition, this year it has been organised for the 18th time in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. 2017's Armed Forces Exhibition is held under the banner of "INNOVATIVENESS, TECHNOLOGY, EFFICIENCY". The Polish Armed Forces Exhibition uses 10 thousand square meters in exhibition hall A and on the outdoor exhibition grounds

Each Polish Armed Forces' unit presents the best equipment
Each Polish Armed Forces' unit presents the best equipment

It took several days for the soldiers to prepare promotional stands for particular military units and institutions showcased at the Armed Forces Exhibition.  Targi Kielce's A and B Expo Hall halls and the outdoor expo grounds are filled with state-of-the-art military equipment, armaments and gear used by soldiers on land, sea and in the air.  More than 800 soldiers and employees of the National Defence Ministry, representatives of all types of Armed Forces were involved in the exhibition preparation.

Following previous years example, the A Expo Hall is dedicated to units which directly report to the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces.  Here are the stands of the Territorial Defence Forces, training centres, units and institutions subordinated to the head of the  Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces.

Polish Army show what they are really proud of!

The central point in the A Expo Hall i the focal point for General Command of Branches of Armed Forces and Special Forces; this part of exhibition is very popular every year.  GROM, JW. KOMANDOS, FORMOZA, AGAT and NIL invite you to visit the stand.   This is the stage for equipment galore, including  armaments, the operator's individual equipment, the combat section equipment, the sniper equipment, the support groups' assault wheeled platform, fire support equipment, Direct Action  tasks hear, such as  Hummer HMMWV.  The Zodiak FC-470 boat, the DPD underwater tractor, the OSHKOSH-MRAP vehicle, Carl Gustaf M3 multi-purpose grenade launcher and many more are also on display.

The Land Forces Inspectorate is also present at this year's exhibition with the novelties used in the Polish Army — 155 mm calibre KRAB self-propelled artillery howitzer put on show in the outdoor part of the exhibition. Inside the exhibition hall the soldiers from 6th Airborne Brigade make visitors familiar with the service specifics and the equipment used by parachute troops.  In addition to the SOV parachute-container and  breathing apparatus, guests can have a look at the LM-60D 60mm mortars and light ANTOS mortars in addition to the 40 mm automatic Grenade Launcher Mk-19.

The Air Force Inspectorate features the 12 Base of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and4th  Wing of School Aviation.  Exhibition visitors will be able to see the personal equipment of the F-16 pilot as well as the tactical unmanned flying machine Orbiter designed to carry out close reconnaissance task.

The Training Inspectorate is represented at this year's event by Training Centre for Engineering and Chemical Forces, Training Centre for Land Forces and Air Force Training Centre.  Visitors will be introduced into the soldiers training process and the equipment they use.  This year, the TALON IV robot welcomes the visitors. TALON IV can be used as a reconnaissance and surveillance as well as a sapper or combat robot.

The Naval Inspectorate is represented by the 13th Division of the Trawlers and the Rescue Group.  Their expo stands are the display for diving equipment BGR - KN 37 diver's heavy kit and the two light diving sets Nurpak 03 and 04.  There are the Seabotix and UKWIAŁ submarine vehicle used for detection, identification and destruction of sea mines – depths 5-200m.  The Hammerhead Sonar, the MU90 light torpedo for submarine warfare and the RBS15 water-to-water rocket – the latest Navy equipment are also noteworthy.  The heavy diver's head-wear makes is really impressive for the viewers – not only is this an exhibit but also a reference to the history of diving.



The Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support Units

Logistics brigades are mainly known for the support and provisions for military units at home and abroad.  Targi Kielce expo stands relate to history and today's battlefield.

-Soldiers of 1st  Pomeranian Logistic Brigade have prepared a promotional stand related to the scenario of Brigade's operations in the area of ​​of combat capabilities restorations in order to show the essence of the logistic subdivisions for combat conditions."   - says the second lieutnant  Piotr Szczotka.

The expo stand presentation includes: a water and food distribution point, a refuelling point, a medical point, a decontamination point, a communications repair station and a repair station.

Each of Regional Logistics Bases has brought different equipment to show.  1RBlog from Wałcz presents  KO ROSOMAK, BSP with control station and diagnostic computer, 2RBlog from Warsaw - MTLB TRI, engineering surveillance transporter QUAD and fully equipped pyrotechnic suit and the motorcycles.  The 3RBlog in day-to-day operations provides its services for aircraft, helicopters and a wide range of electronics. Their expo stand is the display for workshops equipment.   In addition, visitors can see the model of a large-area, multi-materials storage facility Kutno.  4RBLog focused mainly on the presentation of diagnostic stations.

Mjr Tomasz Smoła from Logistics Training Centre  that this year the long-time dreams have become a reality.  Professionalization has become military trainings reality, and this strong change makes the army happy.  The Centre's exhibition focuses on KO ROSOMAK training system for technical staff.  Virtual trainers, bodywork, engine, gearbox stands are put on display.

– We do not forget about the new, remote training methods. There is also a novelty - a 3D printer used to print training props.

On the show, for the first time, there are Territorial Defence Forces.  In addition to armaments and uniforms, the recruitment panel is also presented. This is where candidates can examine their BMI and BMF and learn how it feels to ba a part of WOT. The MSBS shooting range will be displayed on UTM  where visitors can shoot with the use of colour-marking ammunition.

Equipment, dynamic shows and pea soup for everyone - MSPO Open days.

- For the first time in 25 years of the International Defence Industry Exhibition  history and 18 years of the army's participation in the expo, MSPO features the Open Days. We will present the most modern equipment and potential of our army – says Lt. Col. Piotr Pankowski, commander of task group of the Armed Forces Kielce 2017 - There will be hand-to-hand unarmed combat shows,  police dogs presenting skills and military pea soup for everyone. On day-to-day basis, the army works is in the units and training facilities, we focus on enhancement of our capabilities.  There are certain times, like the state ceremonies, MSPO when the army is meets the general public and shows its potentials.  You are most welcome to make tour over the exhibition on 9 and 10 September.


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