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The RAVENOL has been recognised by many professionals. It is a synonym of highest quality lubricants available on the market, not only do the products meet, but exceed the leading car manufacturers’ requirements.  Continuous improvement of RAVENOL products makes it possible to offer the company’s clients the wide range portfolio.

The offer includes excellent products with patented formulas, and among them:

  •  motor oils for passenger cars.
  •  motor oils for trucks and lorries .
  • ATF fluids for automatic transmissions,
  • gear oils for manual gearboxes,
  • motor oils for motorcycles and scooters,
  • hydraulic oils, industrial oils,
  • oils for agricultural tractors,
  • boat engine oils,
  • snowmobile oils,
  • specialized lubricants,
  • brake fluids, workshop products,
  • winter products,
  • consumable liquids,
  • cooling concentrates.

All produced exclusively in Germany. RAVENOL  excellent reputation both home country and on international markets is the result of technologically advanced solutions developed in extremely modern technological centres and laboratories located in Germany.

RAVENOL also gains experience through cooperation with the world of motor and automotive sports companies. As the result, unique formulas of engine and gear oils are now available - these significantly improve vehicles performance, be it rally routes and race tracks.  This experience is accumulated in every RAVENOL product. Customers receive an excellent products.

RAVENOL oils were made with the use of most refined technologies - synthetic PAO oils, high-polarity base components and extremely stable star polymers. The innovative formula offer ultra high shear resistance and stable viscosity in the most difficult conditions. Perfect for cars  on the roads and  racetracksOil film  remains stable both at low temperatures when engines star and with the heaviest mechanical loads.

USVO® oils quickly lubricate all engine parts. This technology has been created for maximum performance and engine protectionDrivers  who love dynamic and sporting driving will love the products too.            



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