The photographs exhibition by Piotr Zwarycz is a living documenti of the Polish firefighters’ activities in Sweden in 2018. The exhibition will accompany the 3rd International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition IFRE-EXPO

Stunning photographs of the firefighter-photographer - two in one. On show at the IFRE-EXPO 2019
Stunning photographs of the firefighter-photographer - two in one. On show at the

The photographs presented at the  IFree-EXPO 2019 - the eye of the camera has documented the Polish firefighters’  activities in Sweden in the period from 21 July to 6 August 2018. It was yet another in the series of large-scale campaigns that goes down in history of Polish  firefighters  who were combating the fires outside of the country. This time they struggled with  forests fires. Two of six GFFFV (Ground Forest Fire Fighting Vehicles) modules operating in Poland went to Sweden. The rescue services members from the Zachodniopomorskie and Wielkopolskie provinces supported by the Main Headquarters of the State Fire Service, in total 139 firemen.

The Polish  firefighters  were accompanied by Piotr Zwarycz and his camera. Zwarycz was there when the defence line against the fire front was being made, when forests fires extinguishing action was being carried out. He was also in the Sveg camp where the Polish forces were stationed. The rescue operations against  forest fire required the fighters  to showed great courage, professionalism and perseverance. These photos perfectly show the enormous work and energy they put into the rescue operations in Sweden.

Piotr Zwarycz is the State Fire Service officer who boasts over 15 years of experience. He is also a high-altitude rescuer, a cave climber, a diver, a parachutist, a water-rescue services member, a cfbt instructor, a photographer, a documentalist. Zwarycz is employed at the Poviat Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Tarnowskie Góry in the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit in Radzionków.  He is also active in the Specialist Rescue Rescue Group and in the Specialist Search and Rescue Group. He has been into photography for over a dozen years. His photographs which document rescue and firefighting activities appeared on television, in the nationwide press, on the covers of many trade magazines devoted to search and rescue services. The photos could be seen at several exhibitions at home and abroad. IFRE-EXPO is the chance to talk to the Piotr Zwyracz and buy the album with his photos.  


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