PIGTSiS Transport Conference

Polska Izba Gospodarcza Transportu Samochodowego i Spedycji held within the scope of the 14th International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO 2018


Date: 24 October 2018 (Wednesday), 10.00–12.00
Venue: DELTA conference hall at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre



konferencja 1. Experts panel:How to organize public mass transport in Poland? Organisation and financial concepts.

a) Who is supposed to be the public transport organiser in a particular area; one, two or all local government units? Which, if one is selected?

b) Is one area able to accommodate public-service transport (organised by LGUs) and commercial transport services (organised by private transport entities) operating in parallel?

c) Is Poland to apply the exclusive right (according to Regulation (EC) 1370/2007),
and if so - to what extent?

d) Does the public transport require direct State Budget co-financing (in addition to the individual local governments’ subsidies for fare discounts)? If so, to what extent and in what mode?

The Panel ModeratorZdzisław Szczerbaciuk, President of the PIGTSiS Board.

wizualizacja nowego dworca autobusowego w Kielcach

The PIGTSiS invites representatives of local government of various levels, entrepreneurs and representatives of government administration to join the panel discussion.

2. Nowy Dworzec Autobusowy w Kielcach jako przykład nowoczesnego, zintegrowanego centrum przesiadkowego.

The shape and function-model of the new Bus Station presented by the City Architects Team and Kielce City Transportation Authorities ZTM Directors.



The conference is organised by the Świętokrzyskie Regional Branch of PIGTSiS in cooperation with Targi Kielce SA, ZTM - the Kielce Bus Station Administrator and PKS Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski S.A.


Stanisław Wodyński
Telephone +48 607 303 400
e-mail: zarzad@pksostrowiec.pl


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