The range of products and services:


1. Sheet metal, pipes, sections (iron, non-iron)

2. Final products, components

3. Transport technologies and storage systems

4. Cutting technologies - laser cutting machines, cutters, bending brakes, guillotine scissors, machines for waterjet cutting

5. Moulding technologies

6. Sheet metal bending technologies

7. Working of pipes and sections

8. Machine parts

9. Sheet metal working and processing

10. Sheet metal joining and fixing technologies

11. Sheet metal surface treatment technologies

12. Chemicals used for working: grease, components, coolers, etc.

13. Tools

14. Services, repairs, maintenance and modernisation, second-hand machines

15. Monitoring and measuring devices: control and materials testing; quality control

16. CAD/CAM software, computer aided design and control of sheet metal working

17. Factories and warehouses equipment

18. Occupational health and safety, protective equipment and devices

19. Trainings, certification, institutions, professional journals